10 Features and Benefits of Reusable Plastic ASRS Totes, Bins and Trays

Automation improves material handling efficiency. No question about it.

But even the most sophisticated automated storage retrieval system, carousel, conveyor system or mini-load system will fall short of your expectations without totes, bins, trays and other containers that are designed for smooth, efficient handling.

Following are features and benefits of reusable plastic containers that are designed and made for optimal performance in automated material handling systems:

      1. Heavy-duty plastic construction. This is what it takes to stand up to constant, predictable, uninterrupted performance in a wide range of automated systems. They’re engineered to meet deflection criteria for your applications. And because they’re plastic, they resist damage from water, rust and corrosion.
      2. Reusable. Because they’re durable, plastic automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) totes can be reused countless times, preventing waste and promoting responsible use of resources, including your operational dollars. Plastic containers for automated material handling systems take the place of one-time use containers, which are subject to crushing (and product damage) in automated systems.
      3. asrstotes4 Protective. Their strong construction protects the parts and products you move through your automated systems.
      4. Stackable and nestable.  These totes, trays and bins are designed to economize on space, vertically and horizontally. And they maximize on cube, to increase your material handling efficiency, so you can move the most product or components possible per unit of space.
      5. Available with adjustable dividers. This maximizes these containers’ versatility, effective space utilization and organization for efficient picking and packing operations.
      6. Versatile. They’re made to work with most automated inserter/extractor and conveyor systems.
      7. Made with smooth sides. This promotes smooth, seamless movement of containers through automated storage and retrieval systems.
      8. Available with recessed label section. This prevents labels from being damaged or removed in the course of daily use.
      9. ASRS Totes ESD designed totes. These reusable plastic containers are specially designed to dissipate electrostatic charges, preventing damage to sensitive electronic devices and components.
      10. Textured bottoms. This design feature prevents slippage and improves a container’s performance on conveyors.

Flexcon makes heavy-duty plastic ASRS totes that work in most inserter/extractor and conveyor systems, with capacities of 25 to 180 pounds and sizes up to 48 × 30. Our standard ASRS containers are available in more than 20 sizes. And Flexcon can work with you to design custom sized ASRS bins and totes for your specific automated material handling applications.

To learn more about our standard ASRS containers or to develop a custom solution for your needs, contact a Flexcon sales representative today.