7 Common Uses for Reusable Custom Cases

Reusable custom cases–made in a wide range of materials, appropriate for the purpose–are indispensable in a wide range of industries and professions. They keep essential tools of the trade readily accessible when needed—and protected from shock, moisture, dust and other damaging threats.

Following are seven examples of the more common ways custom manufactured cases are used in various industries and professions:

test tube casesSales: Professional sales representatives across a range of industries depend on sales cases wherever they go to make presentations to potential customers. Sales cases must look good, to make good impressions. And they have to protect a sales representative’s samples on the road, between sales calls, so they look their best and stay in good working order, presentation after presentation. Sales representatives also need custom reusable trade show cases that are easy to transport and provide excellent protection of expensive trade show displays.

medical custom caseMedical: Medical instruments and equipment are expensive. And they can be fragile and easily broken or taken out of calibration. That’s where custom designed medical cases are invaluable. They feature compartments specially designed to nest the equipment and protect it from damage  in transit. Foam inserts can be cut to exact dimensions to cradle the equipment from shock.

first aid casesFire and rescue: First responders depend on custom designed cases that are easy to carry when minutes and seconds are critical. And they need cases that stand up to their rugged working conditions, to protect the critical equipment inside.

Industrial: Service technicians in a wide range of industrial settings need tool and equipment cases that are easy to take with them, wherever they’re called–sometimes far above the factory floor. And that organize their tools so they’re easy to find and access, to speed repairs and reduce costly downtime.

Prosumer and professional electronics: Experienced amateurs and seasoned professionals expect custom cases that protect their investments in high quality photography, video or audio equipment–and provide plenty of well-organized room for all the needed gadgets that go with it.

Military: Military agencies and defense contractors use rugged custom military cases for a wide range of applications such as weapon transport cases, rackmount server cases and field communications equipment.

plastic case with foam liningShipping: Custom reusable shipping cases, designed for specific products, offer exceptional protection in transit while offering the added benefit that they can be used hundreds of times. In contrast, cardboard boxes or wooden shipping crates offer one-time use and less protection for contents than a custom shipping case. Over the long haul, custom shipping cases can save money in reduced product loss and expenditures for shipping containers.

In addition to making custom manufactured cases, Flexcon offers a wide range of standard cases made of various types of plastic, wood and metal for nearly any application. They are available with foam dunnage, locking latches, custom imprinting, velcro closures, ESD materials and more.

Contact a Flexcon sales representative today to learn more about our range of standard cases and our capability to design and manufacture custom cases for nearly any application you have.