9 Features and Benefits of Bulk Boxes and Containers

Bulk boxes are an economical option for handling large quantities of products and parts. These containers typically range in capacity from 1,000 to 3,000 pounds. They perform exceptionally well in a wide range of applications and industries.

Bulk containers provide excellent protection of products and parts in picking, assembly, processing, storage and distribution processes — throughout the manufacturing chain. You’ll find them in wide use in automotive, machining, electronics, pharmaceutical, appliance, aerospace, textiles and apparel, and the food industry, including beverages, produce, grocery distribution, poultry, bakery and snack foods.

These containers’ effectiveness and economy result from their numerous features and benefits. Here’s nine of the many benefits:

    1. bulk boxes Constructed of tough, durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Their construction enables plastic bulk containers to withstand harsh conditions and handling. This toughness also provides exceptional protection of parts and products within your facility and in transit.
    1. Last 30 to 50 times longer than single-use containers. This is a product of the containers’ superior construction and saves you money in the long run.
    1. Made to be recycled. These long-lasting containers can be recycled and returned to productive use, In fact, some bulk containers are made with recycled HDPE. This keeps them out of landfills when they reach the end of their lifecycle and enables your company to be a better steward of resources.
    1. Designed to be stacked. Bulk boxes can be stacked up to six high, compared to one or two high for other types of high-capacity containers. This means they can help you make the most efficient use of space in your warehouse or in over-the-road trucks.
    1. Designed to be folded. When not in use, bulk containers can be folded and stacked for efficient space utilization.
    1. Bulk Boxes Can be customized with a wide range of available options.  You can choose from many options to customize bulk containers to your specific applications, parts and products. Options include drop doors for easy part or product access, RFID tags and other identification systems to optimize material handling, standard and custom dunnage to protect cargo, built-in dollies to ease movement of bulk containers in a work area, removable walls for greater flexibility in your material handling system, solid or vented decks, covers and more.
    1. Made in more than 40 sizes, from 32″ x 30″ to 78″ x 40″ footprints and a range of heights.  With this wide selection of sizes you can find a container for virtually every application. Extended sizes are available to accommodate longer parts and products.
    1. Made for easy forklift handling. Depending on your material handling needs, you can choose bulk boxes with bases designed for two- or four-way forklift entry.
  1. Easy to clean. The smooth surfaces of plastic bulk containers are a breeze to clean. That’s less time you have to spend on maintenance between container uses.

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