Material handling containers Protective packaging

10 Reasons why Flexcon containers are the Best Choice for Carousel Systems

  • Flexcon containers are used in over 8,000 carousel systems. Some of these systems have capacities in excess of 130 lbs. per tote.
  • Flexcon containers maximize the available cube in the carousel system, thus helping the user fit the maximum amount of product in the carousel. Other options waste 15-20% of each shelf.
  • Flexcon containers have pitched drain holes. This will help prevent system collapse in the event that a sprinkler is set off. Also, most insurance carriers require drain holes.
  • Flexcon containers are static dead. This helps eliminate possible problems that may occur due to static charge build up when the system is in motion and while pulling parts.
  • Flexcon containers help its users maximize pick rates.
  • Flexcon containers design helps prevent part migration.
  • Flexcon containers are ergonomically designed for use on the carousel system.
  • Flexcon containers have no draft to maximize cube utilization on the carousel shelf. This is important and will enable you to extract the full benefit from the system.
  • Flexcon containers are fully dividable to meet current and future storage needs.
  • Flexcon containers resin material meets UL94HB flame class for fire retardancy.
PROJECT DEVELOPMENT Fast & inexpensive Same as corrugated plastic Very expensive
DURABILITY & STRENGTH Lightweight, tear & puncture resistant Tears & punctures easily Heavy; may crack with strong impact
CLEANLINESS Leaves no dust or residue in environment Can leave dust in environment or equipment Same as corrugated plastic
COST Long life span; reusable; significant long-term savings Short life span; must be replaced often; per cycle cost expensive Same as corrugated plastic
LEAD TIME Production is very fast Same as corrugated plastic Lead times on new products as much as 5 times longer
WASTE Reusable and recyclable waste is very minimal Reoccurring waste and disposal cost Same as corrugated plastic
CUSTOM Simple and fast Same as corrugated plastic Difficult and slow
WORK INTERRUPTION Less downtime due to long term reusability of container Downtime and interruption due to broken containers Heavy and cumbersome
MOISTURE Waterproof; unaffected by most chemicals Breaks down or destroyed Same as corrugated plastic
COLOR Variety of colors in stock; custom colors available Brown or white Limited colors in stock

Material handling containers Protective packaging

Flexcon is much less expensive than custom injection molded containers, and has a shorter lead-time.

Flexcon will give all sizes a uniform look and make your material handling system into showpiece both aesthetically and functionally.

Flexcon containers will use the available cube with 100% space efficiency.

Flexcon containers are durable, lightweight and easy to use. There are more than 10,000,000 in use at the post office alone!

We are hopeful that, for these reasons and more, you will choose Flexcon for your material handling container needs. Thanks again for making Flexcon a part of your team!

Advantages of Plastic Over Corrugated

Advantages of Plastic Over Corrugated

  • Plastic lasts 30- 50 times longer than corrugated.
  • Plastic has no dusting or sulfur content like corrugated does.
  • Plastic is preferred by 100% of all pickers.
  • Plastic is unaffected by humidity or oils the way corrugated is.
  • Plastic is aesthetically pleasing, which makes the material handling system into a showpiece.
  • Plastic has a wide variety of colors available, unlike corrugated.
  • Plastic is tear and puncture resistant, unlike corrugated.
  • Plastic is lightweight yet has exceptional strength and durability.
  • Plastic resin material meets UL 94HB flame Class for fire retardant.
  • Plastic is the most cost-effective solution (least expensive over the long term).
  • Green alternative. There will be less replacement of cardboard resulting in less trees cut down and less truck shipments that emit carbon monoxide.

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