Attached Lid Containers Keep a Lid on Loss and Damage to Your Precious Cargo–and Deliver Many Additional Benefits

Attached Lid Containers Reusable attached lid containers offer businesses like yours a load of features and benefits for storage and transport of materials and products.

You can find two of the key features and benefits right in the first four words of the above sentence:

  • Made of high quality plastic, these containers are reusable. That means they deliver high return on investment and reduced cost per transport, as each container provides you hundreds of uses, compared to the one-time use of a corrugated cardboard box. This also means they enable you to reduce waste and save landfill space.
  • As their name—attached lid container—implies, they feature attached lids. The lids open and close on metal hinges and can’t become separated from the containers. They save you from having to hunt for missing lids.

But this is only the beginning of the features and benefits of attached lid containers. Here’s the rest of the story:

  • Attached lid containers are excellent choices for closed-loop distribution, order picking and storage for a wide range of industries.
  • They are compatible with automated storage and retrieval systems. Their textured bottoms securely grip conveyor belts.
  • The attached lids interlock when closed. This protects your products and materials from loss, dust and damage.
  • Attached lid containers are made of sturdy, durable plastic that resists impact, moisture and most chemicals. Again, this prevents damage to your cargo. Pus it helps extend the lifecycle of the containers.
  • Featuring a lip around the top, these containers are designed to stack for optimal use of storage and cargo space.
  • When empty, they nest in each other, with the lids open. This saves space and shipping costs when the containers are returned empty.
  • They feature ergonomic handles for safe, easy lifting.
  • The interiors are easy to clean.
  • They’re 100 percent recyclable. So, when they finally come to the end of their lifecycle, they don’t take up landfill space.

Flexcon extends the uses and advantages of attached lid containers with its branded Temp-Pack™ Insulating Liner. The liner transforms an attached lid tote into a cooler.

Made of high density expanded polystyrene foam, the liner enables attached lid containers to handle temperature-sensitive products such as frozen and refrigerated food, biotechnology products and pharmaceuticals.

Flexcon offers attached lid containers in more than 90 sizes. To find the right containers for your applications, contact a Flexcon representative today.