Benefits of Using Nestable Plastic Totes

What Are Nestable Plastic Totes?

Nestable plastic totes are adaptable storage and shipping containers that save space and improve operations. They are storage devices in which one container nests or rests inside another. Stack and Nest containers are designed with dependability in mind for manufacturing, processing, distribution, and other storage applications. Our heavy-duty reusable containers stack with or without the optional lids and are available in over 26 sizes and 5 colors. Packing totes have several distinguishing characteristics that make them attractive in various applications. One such feature is that they nest into each other when empty. This means that while not in use, they may be readily stored. The bags can also be used with or without lids.

Where Are They Used? 

Nestable totes are utilized in various industries, from storing and delivering delicate products to food and beverages and assisting in modernizing the processes at your company.

Distribution and fulfillment facilities favor nesting totes for use in their conveyor systems. Conveyor belts transport products in nesting totes throughout the facility to various areas such as shipping, receiving, order picking, and so on. They facilitate product transportation within the plant.

Nestable totes are an excellent option for food makers and distribution locations. Many food service establishments rely on them due to their adaptability. However, it is critical to use food-grade nesting totes for such purposes. These totes are manufactured from the same tough yet lightweight materials as standard industrial nesting crates, but they are FDA-approved for use with food.

Nestable totes can be substituted for cardboard boxes. Plastic totes are more expensive than cardboard totes since they are reusable. They are, nonetheless, an incredibly prudent investment. Since they are sustainable, they can be used countless times and are expected to last several years. Furthermore, nested plastic containers are far more dependable than cardboard. Because they do not absorb liquids, you will not have to worry about spills. Because the containers are recyclable, they are also environmentally friendly.

Because stack and nest containers are available in so many sizes and shapes, they are ideal for various storage applications. Totes of various sizes and shapes can be used for temporary or adaptive storage. Furthermore, they can be stacked to save space while not in use. This means you may utilize them for convenient storage, and when they’re not in use, you need a small amount of space to store them.

With all these applications and clear benefits, nestable plastic totes are a must-have for any company. Our stack and nest bins are highly customized to meet industry applications and needs.

Industries That Use Nestable Plastic Totes

The scope of use for Nestable Plastic totes is considerable. They can be used in various industries, including electronics, apparel, bakery, aerospace, appliances, automotive, agriculture, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and more. Their practicality and sustainability help make storage and distribution practices easier for industries using the totes. Facilities can take care of their storage and distribution challenges with ease.

Benefits of Using Plastic Totes

Your choice of containers for usage in your business, sector, or facility will significantly impact various aspects, including the flow of goods, cost of supplies, and your facility’s capacity for storing goods. In light of this, the plastic tote is unrivaled in terms of price and effectiveness. These trustworthy plastic containers will protect your products without emptying your wallet. A few advantages of using plastic totes are as follows:

Saves Space

Since most plastic storage bins and containers can be stacked, you can keep your inventory out of the way without taking up much floor space because the interlocking parts can be reconfigured to fit any place that needs extra storage. Without risking damage to the contents or needing to purchase a storage system, you can stack boxes on top of one another. Every item in the inventory will remain out of sight if arranged systematically. I’m 5’10 and when I started on 8/3/20 I was at 249 pounds and began on 15mg phentermine


The affordability of plastic nestable totes is one of their most obvious benefits. These are a straightforward, affordable choices for managers who wish to increase productivity while staying within their budget. If your shipping containers can be reused, you won’t need to place as many orders. You may reinvest those savings in your business operations by spending them on better tools and top-notch personnel.


High-quality plastic that can last a long period is used to make plastic totes. These totes can be used numerous times without endangering your products. Totes made of plastic may typically withstand 20 to 100 uses. You won’t need to continually stock up on supplies because of this. You can swiftly empty a tote after it enters the room, fill it back up, and then send it out the door once more.

Long Lasting

The longevity and impact resistance of plastic containers are significant benefits. Since plastic storage containers are manufactured of dependable, lightweight, high-density polypropylene, they are not impacted by environmental factors while they are sealed and intact. Additionally, they are waterproof and resistant to corrosion, rust, and insect damage. They can also survive hard or reckless handling by forklift drivers and other personnel. Using these containers will guarantee that your products arrive in their original state, assisting you in maintaining the good name of your business.

Easy Cleaning

Compared to wooden and metal storage boxes, plastic storage bins and containers are easier to keep clean. Nestable plastic totes may be easily cleaned and preserve their aesthetic because they are waterproof by design. The stackable containers’ smooth inside surfaces make cleaning simple and practical. All you need to do to keep your storage container looking new is wipe them down with a cloth. Some are even autoclavable should you need to sterilize them.

Enhance Productivity

A smaller item may be more challenging to locate when dealing with a large inventory. With the plastic containers, staff members will easily access each item in a well-organized workspace. Bins with open fronts are extremely helpful in this situation, since they offer rapid access and visibility for collecting pieces. The dustproof plastic coverings keep the objects clean and dry while making label replacement simple. Label holders make it simple to identify items. The containers make it easier for the personnel to manage the inventory effectively.

Ultimately, there is no question about which containers will work best for your warehouse. Everything you need to ensure that your goods arrive undamaged is included in plastic totes. They can facilitate work for your employees while saving your company time and money. Limiting the cost of supplies will help you save money, and you may make the most of your warehouse space.

Warehouse bins are excellent for manufacturing small to medium-sized goods in the agriculture, medical, and retail sectors. We offer options for colors, barcodes, and labels.

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