Top 10 Bin Uses for Warehouse Operations

Warehouse Bins provide a functional solution to limited shelf space in a warehouse. Perfect for hard-to-manage product lines and busy operations, they help organize components, reduce clutter, and make picking and receiving easier. Before we go into warehouse bin uses, let’s talk about what they are.

Capable of being shipped flat, warehouse bins are:

  • Lightweight
  • Cost-effective
  • Reusable
  • Long-lasting
  • Time saving

Available in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials, warehouse bins can be custom fit for many uses.

What is a Warehouse Bin?

A warehouse bin is part of an inventory system for organizing a warehouse. Made of durable, double-walled corrugated plastic or propylene, they are collapsible, stackable, and easy to transport. They are lightweight and can be divided with partitions and labeled.

Warehouse bins are essential for those who manage large warehouses with a diverse list of items. They help staff know exactly where to locate and store products to maximize warehouse space and make picking easier. 

What is the Purpose of a Storage Bin?

As the smallest available unit of space in a warehouse, storage bins can be used to store items, stock, and products. They safely contain small and irregularly shaped items to make them easier to manage.  

Storage bins help organize the warehouse to save time and money. They provide additional storage in situations where space is limited.

How are Racks and Bins Used in Warehouse Management?

Racks and bins are used for items that need to be reachable from the ground floor. The racks allow multiple warehouse bins to be stacked together based on product type and frequency of use. Smaller or often used items might go in the bottom bins with remaining stock stored in the upper bins.

This system prevents merchandise having to be stored in crates that require forklift trucks to raise and lower them.

What are Bin Location Technologies?

Bin location technologies are efficient storage tracking systems that help optimize warehouse operations. Using labels, placards, RFID, and QR Codes, they point out exactly where a product is located or where it should be stored.

With bin location, staff can reduce the walking time inside the warehouse and pick items faster. It also helps in receiving goods from suppliers and inventory transfer.   

Flexcon provides:

QR Codes 

A Quick Response Code  is a two-dimensional barcode that is scannable using a smartphone or computer device.


Container placards are permanent label holders that allow for easy application and removal of single-use labels.


Flexcon labels are available in multiple sizes, colors, grades, and styles for bin organization. 


Radio Frequency Identification is an automatic identification technology that encodes digital data on a smart label or RFID tag and captured by a reader using radio waves.   

Flexcon carries the identification tools needed for setting up warehouse inventory control systems using our warehouse bins.

What are the Top 10 Warehouse Bin Uses? 

Organizing a warehouse can be done more efficiently using bins. Here are the top 10 uses for warehouse bins.

1. Clutter Reduction

An uncluttered warehouse makes it easier for employees to move around so that work can be done quickly. It also contributes to a safer work environment. Warehouse bins offer a way to reduce clutter for a cleaner work space.

2. Organization

Bins help keep warehouses organized so that operations can be completed more efficiently. Creating more organized storage for everything cuts down on accidents and time spent looking for things. 

3. Inventory Control

Warehouse bins are essential for inventory control systems because they help employees know exactly where to find and store products. Managing location, stock, and movement history of all items is simplified.    

4. Space Maximization

Vertically stacked bins help optimize available work space. When movable towers are incorporated into the warehouse, employees have more room to move around and more floor space for operating machinery.  

5. Additional Storage

Warehouse bins provide storage solutions for small parts and supplies outside their original boxes. This makes access quicker and easier. When space is an option, bins stacked vertically make easy storage possible.  

6. Easier Picking

Time spent picking orders is a large portion of operating costs. Bins make the job easier, cut down on walk time, and help minimize errors during the product picking process.  

7. Streamlining the Workflow

By increasing organization, providing additional storage, freeing up floor space, and making inventory control possible, warehouse bins help improve the workflow. Employees can get their work done faster with fewer mistakes. 

8. Zone Creation 

Warehouse bins make it possible to create areas that are designated to one or similar things or activities. Sections are more easily separated from one another based on attributes like package types, warehouse jobs, or sales velocity. 

9. Inventory Classification

Classifying inventory by characteristics like size, weight, or frequency with which they are retrieved is an efficient way to operate. Warehouse bins provide easy to understand classification that can be color coded and labeled.

10. Efficient Receiving

Warehouse bins are a holding place for goods received from suppliers. They help eliminate the errors that can occur during receiving when accessible storage is an issue.

Warehouse bins are a cost-effective solution to optimizing warehouse space, efficiency, function, and organization.

Our Most Popular Sizes

Flexcon combines the lightweight and ship flat features of corrugated plastic with durable construction to meet any warehouse bin needs.

Popular sizes include:

  • 12x12x10
  • 12x18x10
  • 12x18x12
  • 18x12x10
  • 18x14x12
  • 20x14x12
  • 24x12x10
  • 24x18x10
  • 24x18x16
  • 36x12x12
  • 40x12x12
  • 48x12x12

Additional sizes, materials, dividers, and color options are available.

Flexcon Warehouse Bins

Warehouse bins are a great solution for small to medium-sized products used in medical, retail, produce, and manufacturing. Flexcon offers warehouse bins in a variety of colors with custom requests accepted. Barcodes and labels are available.

Dealer inquiries are welcome.  Contact us for more information.