Straight-Wall Stack Totes Help You Make the Most of Every Cubic Inch of Space for Storage, Material Handling and Transport

Straight wall stackable toteAre you looking for a container that will help you make the most of your manufacturing, material handling, warehousing and cargo space? Straight-wall stack totes are likely what you’re looking for.

Their modular, space-saving design makes straight-wall stackable totes and containers an excellent choice for:

  • Closed or open loop material handling systems
  • Transport of materials or products from one facility to another
  • Transport within a facility
  • Warehousing
  • Storage of materials for In-process work
  • A wide range of industries, including light manufacturing, automotive, aerospace and electronics

These containers provide efficient cubing in trucks and on pallets to reduce your shipping costs. They are designed to cube on 48×40 and 48×45 pallets. And their straight sides allow you to fit more materials or products in each container.

Space Efficiency Is Just One of the Many Benefits of Straight-wall Totes

The space-saving design of straight-wall stack totes, however, is just the beginning of their features and benefits, which also include:

  • Ergonomic, built-in handles for easy, safe carrying
  • Sturdy injection-molded construction that resists impact, moisture and most chemicals
  • Reinforced sides and bottoms, which enhance product protection
  • Use in a wide range of temperatures, from -20˚ to 120˚F
  • Easy, sanitary cleaning due to solid sides and smooth inner walls
  • Durable construction that extends the life of containers to reduce your costs. They last for hundreds of uses, compared to the one-time use of corrugated cardboard containers. This is an advantage for the environment and your budget.
  • 100 percent recyclable, so when they do reach the end of their lifecycle, straight-wall stackable containers don’t end up in a landfill
  • Easily customizable for identification, which makes them ideal for close-looped material handling applications

Straight wall stackable toteOverall, straight-wall stack totes deliver cost savings and efficiency throughout your manufacturing, material handling, warehousing and shipping processes.

Flexcon offers a wide range of straight-wall stackable containers to meet your needs. And to extend the effectiveness of our containers for your applications, we can custom design divider inserts that perfectly fit your materials or products and protect them from damage.

To find the right straight-walled stackable containers for maximizing your shipping and storage needs, contact a Flexcon sales representative today.

Attached Lid Containers Keep a Lid on Loss and Damage to Your Precious Cargo–and Deliver Many Additional Benefits

Attached Lid ContainersReusable attached lid containers offer businesses like yours a load of features and benefits for storage and transport of materials and products.

You can find two of the key features and benefits right in the first four words of the above sentence:

  • Made of high quality plastic, these containers are reusable. That means they deliver high return on investment and reduced cost per transport, as each container provides you hundreds of uses, compared to the one-time use of a corrugated cardboard box. This also means they enable you to reduce waste and save landfill space.
  • As their name—attached lid container—implies, they feature attached lids. The lids open and close on metal hinges and can’t become separated from the containers. They save you from having to hunt for missing lids.

But this is only the beginning of the features and benefits of attached lid containers. Here’s the rest of the story:

  • Attached lid containers are excellent choices for closed-loop distribution, order picking and storage for a wide range of industries.
  • They are compatible with automated storage and retrieval systems. Their textured bottoms securely grip conveyor belts.
  • The attached lids interlock when closed. This protects your products and materials from loss, dust and damage.
  • Attached lid containers are made of sturdy, durable plastic that resists impact, moisture and most chemicals. Again, this prevents damage to your cargo. Pus it helps extend the lifecycle of the containers.
  • Featuring a lip around the top, these containers are designed to stack for optimal use of storage and cargo space.
  • When empty, they nest in each other, with the lids open. This saves space and shipping costs when the containers are returned empty.
  • They feature ergonomic handles for safe, easy lifting.
  • The interiors are easy to clean.
  • They’re 100 percent recyclable. So, when they finally come to the end of their lifecycle, they don’t take up landfill space.


Flexcon extends the uses and advantages of attached lid containers with its branded Temp-Pack™ Insulating Liner. The liner transforms an attached lid tote into a cooler.

Made of high density expanded polystyrene foam, the liner enables attached lid containers to handle temperature-sensitive products such as frozen and refrigerated food, biotechnology products and pharmaceuticals.

Flexcon offers attached lid containers in more than 90 sizes. To find the right containers for your applications, contact a Flexcon representative today.

Benefits of Corrugated Plastic Containers for ASRS Systems and Carousels

Automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) and carousels are designed to maximize effective use of space in manufacturing and distribution facilities with a high storage density, moving large volumes of parts and products in and out.

ASRS robot friendly totesThese systems’ economical use of space can be further maximized by choosing appropriately sized and designed plastic containers, totes and bins that fit the storage and retrieval system well and are the right size for the stored parts and products. This enables facilities to reduce wasted space and to increase effective storage capacity.

Plastic storage bins made by Flexcon Container, for instance, helped a manufacturer increase storage capacity in its automated storage and retrieval units by more than 19 percent, according to an article in Modern Materials Handling.

Flexcon corrugated plastic bins, totes and containers are designed to optimize use of available cube in carousel systems, reducing wasted space, common with other options, by 15 to 20 percent.

But size and fit aren’t the only important considerations when choosing containers for ASRS systems and carousels. Strength, deflection and impact resistance also are key attributes to consider. And for these and other reasons, corrugated plastic containers are excellent candidates for ASRS systems and carousels, both vertical and horizontal.

Why are corrugated plastic containers the right choice for ASRS systems and carousels?

Their benefits include:

  • While maximizing space usage, they minimize damage to materials and products during storage and handling as they are more durable and impact resistant than molded plastic containers. They stand up well under constant handling by robotic ASRS equipment. And unlike molded plastic, which can crack on strong impact, corrugated plastic containers resist tears and punctures.
  • They reduce costs as they last longer due to their durability.
  • For custom sized and designed containers required for specialized applications, corrugated plastic containers offer the advantage of requiring less development time than molded plastic containers–since they don’t require creation of a mold. Likewise, corrugated plastic containers require less production time than molded plastic containers. Production time for molded plastic can be nearly five times longer.
  • They’re lightweight, contributing to efficiency of ASRS systems. They help maximize pick rates.

In addition, corrugated plastic containers made by Flexcon Container feature:

  • Pitched drain holes to prevent collapse of a storage and retrieval system in the event a sprinkler is set off.
  • Ergonomic design for more efficient operation of carousel systems.
  • Design that prevents parts migration.
  • Capability of being partitioned to meet changing parts storage needs.

To learn more about the benefits of corrugated plastic containers, call Flexcon today at 908-871-7000. Our container experts are ready to help you choose the best solutions for ASRS and carousel systems. 

Plastic Pallet Sleeve Packs Are Packed Full of Advantages for Bulk Material Shipping and Storage

Pallet sleeve packs, made of corrugated plastic, offer many advantages for handling and shipping bulk materials—from being light weight and durable to their capability of being reused numerous times and saving money.

Pallet SleevesThese practical bulk material containers consist of a pallet base and a second pallet that fits on top, enabling stacking of pallet sleeve packs. Corrugated plastic sleeves act as walls, creating a sturdy shipping container that protects bulk materials in transit and storage. The sleeves snap into grooves in the pallet base and top to stay firmly in place while in use.

And when not in use, the pallet sleeves conveniently fold flat. This design feature, just one of many advantages of pallet sleeve packs, saves space in storage and return shipping.

Other advantages of pallet sleeve packs:

  • Reusable. Plastic pallet sleeve packs are a “green” solution because they are returnable and reusable. They can be reused dozens, even hundreds, of times. This reduces waste and disposal costs, which leads to the next advantage….
  • Economical. Because they can be reused, pallet sleeves reduce your total cost of ownership. You quickly recoup your initial investment because of their long-lasting nature. While wood pallets may last for a dozen uses or less, plastic pallet sleeve packs enable you to spread your investment over hundreds of uses.
  • Durable. They stand up to repeated use better than alternatives. They don’t splinter, crack or absorb moisture like wooden pallets.
  • Protective. Pallet sleeves reduce product and material damage as they offer optimal protection. They’re strong and durable.
  • Stable. Unlike wooden pallets, corrugated plastic pallet sleeve packs retain their size, shape and weight. They don’t warp or shrink. And they don’t absorb moisture and swell. Because they retain their shape they work well with automated material handling equipment.
  • Ergonomic. Plastic pallet sleeve packs are lightweight and easy to handle. They’re also easier on your workforce, resulting in fewer workplace injuries, because they don’t splinter or crack.
  • Hygienic. Corrugated plastic pallet sleeve packs can be easily cleaned and disinfected, so they are ideal for food and FDA approved applications, as well as pharmaceutical applications.
  • Customizable. Sleeve packs are attractive as they can be made in custom colors. The sleeves can be printed to identify your brand, which aids in return of pallet sleeve packs to your facility.
  • Nestable. Top and bottom pallets can be nested to save storage space. Further space savings can be realized, as the plastic sleeves fold flat between uses.

Pallet sleeve packs by Flexcon Corporation are available in stock pallet sizes of 48 x 45 and 48 x 40. In addition, other standard sizes are readily available, and Flexcon can manufacture custom size pallet sleeve packs and internal dunnage for your special applications.  We can even design custom pallet sleeve solutions that work with wooden pallets.

To learn more and take full advantage of pallet sleeve packs for your operations, contact a Flexcon sales representative today.