6 Benefits of Collapsible Bulk Containers

It can seem like a challenge to purchase the correct storage containers for your company’s business operations. The increase in demand for these containers has risen dramatically in recent years. With various operational tasks and the need to store containers in a conveniently accessible space, businesses can benefit from implementing collapsible containers!

Collapsible bulk containers are boxes designed to be easily folded and stored when not in use. These containers can provide a wide array of benefits for companies looking for reliable and sustainable production supplies. Read on to learn about the six significant benefits of collapsible plastic containers!

Collapsible Containers Offer Space Savings

The first of the benefits these boxes offer is that they save companies warehouse space. Once these containers are emptied, they can easily be taken down and stored away. Additionally, these boxes can be stacked on top of each other, providing an efficient way to effectively maintain the containers and the available working space. 

Many businesses are continuously looking for better ways to store inventory. Finding ways to keep the cost of storage space low can help companies maintain workflow at an optimum level. Collapsible containers also contribute to productivity by saving space at storage facilities.

Collapsible Systems Reduced Shipping Costs

Implementing collapsible containers can help to optimize your business’s storage options. With collapsible boxes, companies can ensure that they save money not only by reusing the containers but also by having extra transportation room when the containers return. After a container has been emptied, it can be folded up and stacked on top of other containers to ensure there is more space in the vehicles returning them. 

Another advantage of these container systems is that they are light in weight compared to regular shipping boxes. This makes it easier for employees to work productively and even helps protect your inventory from accidental damage. The repetitive purchase of single-use containers is also eliminated, so long as you properly maintain the collapsible containers.

Implementation Efficiency Is Improved

Incorporating collapsible containers into a facility’s processes can help maintain workflow operations. Collapsible bulk boxes can easily adapt to many functions throughout the company. The containers can be set up and taken down quickly. Various items and materials can be placed in these containers, eliminating the need to purchase different-sized containers for specific items.

Corrugated Collapsible Containers Offer Greater Durability

Reusable plastic containers that are collapsible provide better protection for items when compared with traditional materials, such as wood and cardboard. These plastic containers are designed to be long-lasting and can easily withstand wear and tear during transport and everyday use. Corrugated collapsible containers also reduce a company’s carbon footprint and total waste output.

Collapsibility Equals Flexibility

Whether you need a durable container that can keep your inventory safe during transport or boxes that can be taken down to use later, collapsible containers provide both of these features and more! Collapsible bulk boxes can be used in a variety of settings. Here are some industries that can benefit from implementing these containers:

  • Healthcare Facilities: Hand-held collapsible containers allow nurses to carry vitals and other items for patients in one specific location to prevent misplacement and contamination.
  • Retail: Containers with collapsible hinge doors help retail employees access stored products quickly to fulfill orders and stock shelves in a time-efficient manner. 
  • Agriculture: Reusable plastic boxes, such as collapsible egg containers, make a sustainable and versatile way to transport produce to stores and markets.
  • Warehouses: Strong, stackable boxes help warehouse logistics flow seamlessly throughout the day, ensuring products get out to transport on time and many other functions.

No matter what the industry is, collapsible bulk containers can be implemented within various areas to provide custom solutions that help create better experiences and services for businesses and their customers.

Cost Savings

There are several areas in which collapsible bulk containers can help a facility save money. Here are a few ways that collapsible containers can save businesses money:

  • Provides a reusable option.
  • Helps eliminate the need to buy one-use plastics.
  • Transportation costs are reduced as the boxes collapse when not in use.
  • Reduces storage space needs.
  • Provide durable protection for merchandise and inventory.
  • Saves costs in the functions of a company over time.

Collapsible bulk containers are an ideal solution for meeting the storage and transportation demands of any business. These boxes can offer advantages that will keep a company running and provide a reusable supply that can make a huge difference in your company’s business operations!

In Conclusion

Collapsible containers provide businesses with a beneficial solution that helps productivity. They offer a solution that can integrate with current operating systems and provide exceptional storage options for various industries.

Here, at Flexcon, we work with our clients to create custom containers that will work with their current storage and transport systems while also providing key features that enhance their business. With more than 55 years of experience, our team designs and creates products that will fit your company’s work processes. To find out more about our collapsible container options and the services we offer, contact us today!