Collapsible Plastic Containers

Collapsible plastic containers are perfect for applications where the container is not in use at least 25% of the time and needs to be stored OR where you are shipping one-way full and the other way empty.

Collapsible wall stack totes are PERFECT for storage & transport of almost any item. They are available in over 10 sizes to fit just about any need. Pallets are available to work with these collapsible stack totes for shipping & pallet rack storage. This style tote is in use in tens of thousands of applications throughout North America where clients need to transport or store. Collapsible totes are very efficient in that they utilize all available cube and the stack MANY high for safe, secure storage. Also perfect for work in progress.

Accessories include, dividers, covers, pallets, barcode labels, placards, label holders.

These totes come in different capacities ranging from standard duty to heavy duty with waffle bottom. Custom partitions and custom cut and weld sizes are also available. Hot stamping is also available for these durable totes

Collapsible Containers – see our video on YouTube