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HOLD & RELEASE® technology

A creative identification system for
returnable/reusable containers

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The Container Placard is a permanent label holder that allows for easy application and removal of single-use labels with no sticky residue or messy overlapping, keeping containers neat and clean. Ideal for use with reusable containers and pallets of virtually any size or shape, the Container Placard is a cost-effective and simple solution that eliminates label build-up, excess labor and time to scrape off old labels, and potential incorrect shipments of valuable products because of mislabeled or misidentified containers.

Features of The Placard

  • Easy removal and replacement of labels
  • Adheres to wide range of surfaces and temperatures
  • Can be customized to virtually any shape, size and color
  • Accepts most standard permanent labels

Benefits of The Placard

  • Increased productivity and cost savings – No scraping containers
  • Organization – Neat and clean containers
  • Confidence – Proprietary Hold and Release® technology
  • Security – The Kennedy Group guarantees that the Placard will perform

Without Placard

With Placard

Placards Available

  • Durable or Economical
  • Freezer-Grade
  • Pre-Printed Text
  • Custom Colors
  • Refrigerated-Grade
  • Custom Printed Text


  • Hand-Held Containers
  • Bulk Containers
  • Totes
  • Industrial Bins
  • Drums
  • Trays

The Original Placard Label Holder, featuring Hold & Release Technology®, allows labels to be easily applied and removed hundreds of times with minimal surface degradation. This innovative product line – ideal for reusable packaging, racks and shelving – is available in multiple sizes, styles, grades, and colors. With a 99.999% success rate, it is the only labeling system in the industry guaranteed to perform. Ask us about warranties on select products. Kennedy Group materials undergo independent testing, including removability and durability, surface testing, QUV weathering, extreme temperatures, and wash cycles.

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