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There is an increase in companies looking for custom container solutions that offer sustainable storage options. Having containers that are specifically made to benefit a business’ needs also continues to be on the rise. When a company implements sustainable solutions, it benefits both the environment and the business. 

Single-use plastics can cause more harm than good. Since these plastics cannot decompose properly, they damage the environment and distress wildlife. Single-use plastics can also increase costs for businesses, as more products will need to be purchased to run the company efficiently. However, sustainable plastics offer a better solution. The following are three benefits of using reusable plastics for companies:

  1. They are easier to maintain and clean.
  2. They provide more durable and waterproof storage solutions.
  3. These plastics can also help save on business and transportation costs.

Custom sustainable containers can help businesses by providing products that are designed to benefit the business in the unique and specific work that they do. Whether a company needs trays, filing systems, or specialized storage solutions, custom containers can improve business operations and productivity by giving the company the right tools to complete the job. Find out more about how sustainable custom containers can benefit companies overall!

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What It Means For Custom Containers To Be Sustainable

As defined by the U.S. Plastics Pact, sustainable plastics are those that are created and intended to be reused. The plastic container should have the ability to be cleaned accordingly. For businesses to conduct operations within the company, with other companies, and also with consumers, the containers must have the ability to be quickly and easily sanitized. If a plastic container isn’t able to be properly maintained or can’t be reused, it is not considered sustainable.

There are three ways in which custom, reusable plastic is highly beneficial for many businesses and companies. They are as follows:

  1. Each container is reusable for multiple purposes.
  2. They are customized to work best with the products a business has and what they are working with.
  3. The containers convey a good corporate image, showing that the company cares about the products they use.

Having reusable items that can benefit production and overall operating costs is a small change that can make a big difference. Many companies today are implementing customizable containers that are sustainable for a variety of reasons. The options you have for customizing sustainable plastic containers are endless.

Industries That Are Looking To Run Efficiently With Sustainable Plastics

There are several types of companies that are implementing custom sustainable plastics today! Here are just a few of the industries that have incorporated these types of containers:
Providing Optimal Transportation Solutions For Distribution Centers box-img

Providing Optimal Transportation Solutions For Distribution Centers

Having shipping containers that can be reused will save a distribution center significant operating costs. These Plastic RSC Containers provide an ideal solution for both small and large companies!

Helping Manufacturing Companies Stay Organized For Effective Production box-img

Helping Manufacturing Companies Stay Organized For Effective Production

Stackable Nesting Totes are highly beneficial for manufacturing facilities, as they can be easily moved and set aside according to what is needed.

Keeping Healthcare Facilities Running Smoothly box-img

Keeping Healthcare Facilities Running Smoothly

Healthcare systems benefit from custom containers. Some of these reusable containers include waterproof and rolling cases

Assisting Automotive Industries With High-Quality, Customized Storage Solutions box-img

Assisting Automotive Industries With High-Quality, Customized Storage Solutions

When it comes to the automotive industry, containers, such as Mini-Load Automated Totes, provide secure options for storing intricate parts and tools.

Benefits Of Using Sustainable Custom Containers

Choosing to have sustainable plastic containers offers companies the ability to save money, have a durably-made storage option, and show customers that a business cares about the product they use. Custom-built containers have many desirable features. These features include:



Sustainable and custom containers are easy to clean and sanitize.


Cut-Out Handles

These handles make for easier distribution and transportation.



Reusable plastic containers are much stronger compared to traditional transportation options, and last longer.


Strong Construction

Custom containers are made not to break when totes and containers are stacked on top of each other.



These containers make an excellent choice for preventing water damage from affecting important products or papers which are stored within them.

When you choose Flexcon for your business storage needs, you can rest assured that your custom-made, sustainable containers are created with your business in mind. With over 150 years of combined experience, our team will provide your company with pre-production sample units that we encourage you to test out in the space they will be used. We do this to ensure that our products will meet your company's needs.

How To Purchase Custom Containers For Your Company

If you are looking for a customizable container that is made with high-quality reusable plastic, we have you covered! Follow the simple steps below to get started with Flexcon:

  1. Talk to one of our representatives about the needs of your business.
  2. Our team will then come together to prepare a proposal for you.
  3. After submitting our proposal to you, we’ll work with you to secure the details and finalize the paperwork.
  4. Once a contract is set in place, we’ll get to work on creating your order and delivering it on the predetermined date!

Whether you’re getting more containers for an existing system or need help designing a customized storage container system, reach out to us today! We’ll be happy to provide you with a quote.

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