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As anyone buying materials for the education industry knows, sustainability is key to finding the right products. The environmental benefit of reducing waste is well-received in every level of education, from K-12 to college and university, but the advantages also come down to simple economics. Longer-lasting, reusable plastic storage reduces replacements and re-orders, making a positive impact on any organization’s budget.

Your students care about sustainability, as do educators who frequently enter their profession out of a desire to serve a greater good. Sustainable products, from attached lid containers to custom bins and trays, can go a long way toward satisfying those preferences and needs.

Plastics may not be top of mind when it comes to sustainability, but newer fabrication processes have come a long way toward creating a more sustainable material. This especially applies to plastics that are not designed for single use. Such products can provide a massive advantage when compared to materials that deteriorate and might be difficult to store or sanitize.

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Sustainable Plastics in Education, Defined

From classrooms to dining hall or cafeteria storage, the education industry has long benefited from plastic storage compared to other solutions such as compostable food packaging, which requires frequent replacement due to deterioration. Despite the availability of reusable products, many of the plastic storage items you’ll find in the education industry are still single-use. 

Single-use plastics are undoubtedly convenient and durable, but they contribute to the education industry’s waste problem. According to one recent study, only 11% of education waste gets recycled.  

Single-use plastics waste money and contribute to a negative environmental impact. Fortunately, a new and improved solution has emerged.

Sustainable plastic has the potential to revolutionize storage and organization in the education industry. Containers are safe, lightweight, and so durable that they are even used by the military. They’re also cost-effective, in both the short-term and long-term, due to their longevity.

The Streamlining and Sustainability Priorities of Educational Institutions

Of course, sustainable plastics are only beneficial to educational institutions when the products available match an existing need. The examples below are just some of the many ways in which these plastics can be beneficial to educational institutions, from primary all the way through higher education.
Attached Lid Containers for Classroom and Maintenance Supplies box-img

Attached Lid Containers for Classroom and Maintenance Supplies

Efficient storage is vital in a multitude of educational settings, from the classroom to maintenance supplies. Attached lid containers can make that storage a breeze, thanks to convenient access to contents and a lid to protect the containers' contents. The containers can nest when empty and stack when full to maximize efficiency in limited spaces.

Conductive and ESD Containers for Campus IT Operations box-img

Conductive and ESD Containers for Campus IT Operations

Modern educational systems require an IT department that can quickly respond to outages and technical issues without delay. Electro Static Discharge (ESD) containers allow campus IT teams to safely transport and store electronics, while custom features for inserts and shielding offer even more protection for equipment.

Collapsible Containers For Flexible Administrative Storage box-img

Collapsible Containers For Flexible Administrative Storage

Experienced industry leaders know not to underestimate the administrative needs that come with running an educational institution. Tools, equipment, files, and more all need storage, and sometimes that storage has to be made available quickly. Collapsible containers with reinforced bottoms can provide that quick storage, while still being durable enough to remain effective over time.

Cases and Medical Containers for Health Service and Nursing Offices box-img

Cases and Medical Containers for Health Service and Nursing Offices

Every school and every college has a health office that helps students with immediate medical issues. As with any medical institution, that office likely needs a way to store any number of medical equipment. Flexible medical containers can offer that storage space, with a variety of materials and closure options increasing their flexibility for your nursing or health service staff.

Corrugated Cardboard Bins for Administrative and Educational Filing Systems box-img

Corrugated Cardboard Bins for Administrative and Educational Filing Systems

From individual teacher to high-level administrator, paperwork is a crucial part of every educator’s job functions. With corrugated cardboard bins, you can keep your school and classroom files organized at all times. These containers are made of fire retardant materials, keeping your files safe even in the event of an emergency.

Recycling and Sanitation Containers for Campus Hallways and Residence Halls box-img

Recycling and Sanitation Containers for Campus Hallways and Residence Halls

The importance of sustainability in education is nothing new, and recycling is a natural, important component. Our recycling and sanitation containers are flexible and suitable for a variety of spaces, from hallways to residence halls. An array of sizes and colors can ensure a consistent recycling system that can be used across your buildings and campuses.

Vented Containers and Milk Crates for Cafeteria and Dining Hall Food Storage box-img

Vented Containers and Milk Crates for Cafeteria and Dining Hall Food Storage

Foodservice storage needs are often highly specific to the individual venue. Some food service venues will require containers that can vent heat and add layers of sturdiness to the material, and all venues want to avoid contaminating any food. Vented containers and milk crates are perfect for these types of environments, from cafeterias to dining halls. They're easy to stack, come in a large number of sizes, and can help your food stay fresh and sanitary before being served to your students.

Custom Solutions for Versatile Educational Use box-img

Custom Solutions for Versatile Educational Use

Finally, keep in mind one important rule in the education industry: always expect the unexpected. While any of the above products can work well in a variety of situations, there may be a need for custom plastic bins and trays that you cannot anticipate. When that happens, ordering custom solutions can go a long way towards solving your unexpected need.

Container Solutions in Education Made with Reusable, Sustainable Plastics

If you’re optimizing your storage across campus, Flexcon is the right solution. Whether you’re getting more containers for an existing system or need help designing a customized storage container system, reach out to us today! We can put together a quote to help you optimize your storage today.

Education is tailor-made for a storage solution that’s as sustainable as it is durable. Used the right way, the products on this page (and many others like them) will be a perfect fit for institutions prioritizing the reduction of waste along with more efficient and eco-friendly alternatives.

Work with Flexcon, and you’ll get products made in the USA that are built on four strategic principles:

  • Versatility
  • Snackability
  • Compliance
  • Customization

Together, these principles have driven more than 150 years of combined experience. Our passion is to listen to our customers and help them optimize their storage and operations process, determined to deliver products that perfectly match and satisfy your needs. We enjoy optimizing your operations and improving your bottom line.

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