Hopper Front containers help organize and protect product

Flexcon’s line of hopper front containers can help clean up and organize almost any part, product, sub assembly or item to be stored. (please see before and after pictures below)



NEW: Flexcon now has over 2,000 standard sizes of hopper front containers designed to fit standard shelving and flow racks. The result is a perfect fit with very little or no wasted space. Lengths range from 10 to 48” to fit any shelving depth. These hopper front containers are available in 10 colors with capacity ranges from 25-150 lbs. These containers help users maximize cube due to the fact that they have zero draft. They are also ergonomically designed to maximize pick rate.

The hopper front containers are perfect for carousels, flow racks, shelving, production, and storage. They increase the accessibility and visibility of their contents and can be designed to meet your specific requirements. Accessories include dividers, imprinting, label holders, handles and covers.

For more pictures and information, please click here: hopper front containers

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