How to Select the Perfect Reusable Plastic Containers, Totes or Bins for Your Material Handling Needs

We all know that “one size fits all” usually doesn’t. However, it is possible to work with one reusable plastic container manufacturer and supplier —Flexcon Container — to find plastic containers, bins and totes that meet your full range of material handling and storage tasks.

Flexcon’s packaging professionals and sales representatives are ready to guide you in finding the perfect reusable plastic container for each of your material handling jobs.

And you can help the process by analyzing the requirements of each of your container needs before you call. Think through how your container will be used.

A careful analysis will help assure that you obtain maximum life and value from reusable plastic bins and totes in your various material handling applications.

Consider a Day in the Life of Your Container

To help select the perfect plastic container for your needs be sure to consider the following factors:

How much weight will the container carry? Putting 10 pounds of anything in a 5-pound bag is asking for trouble. Right? And filling a container with a heavier load than it was designed and made to carry will lead to disappointment. It won’t give out immediately like an over-burdened paper bag. But it will wear out prematurely. The good news is that Flexcon sales representatives can connect you to solutions made to hold up to a wide range of loads.

How will the container move through your facility? Will it be used in an automatic storage and retrieval system? Or will it be carried by manual carts or forklifts — or ride on a conveyor? If on a conveyor, will it move through gates and go downhill and uphill? Will it need to be stackable? And how high are the stacks?

What types of stresses will your container typically encounter? Rough handling and sharp blows can crack molded plastic containers. In contrast, corrugated plastic is more flexible and resilient when subjected to such forces.

Will the container leave your facility? And when it does, how will it be transported in and out of trucks, trains and planes?

Will the containers be exposed to temperature extremes? For instance, will they be subjected to seasonal temperature swings in transit, spend time in a freezer or be used in an autoclave to sanitize their contents? Or will they remain at room temperature?

Other considerations in choosing the right container for an application include your budget and when you need the containers. If time is short, your options may be limited to what’s in stock. If budget is a concern, you may consider overstocked or used containers.

Contact a Flexcon Container sales representative today to begin finding the perfect plastic container solutions for your material handling jobs. Flexcon — a leading provider of plastic totes, containers pallets and bulk containers for manufacturing, distribution and warehousing — has a perfect solution for every need.