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Unlock the Power of Sustainable Plastics With Flexcon

Sustainability has become an increasingly important piece of the puzzle across a wide range of industries. It’s not just a core part of corporate social responsibility, but also a matter of simple economics and good business practices.

The industries we serve, including 76% of all Fortune 500 companies, all benefit from our environmentally friendly products. Unlike single-use plastics, which are designed cheaply to be thrown away and difficult to store, our products are built to be used consistently, reducing both waste and long-term costs.

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Sustainable Plastics, Defined

Sustainable plastics are materials designed to minimize any potentially harmful environmental impact. The concept takes one of the most frequently used but also one of the traditionally most wasteful products in the world and minimizes its downsides.

Sustainable plastics stand in sharp contrast with single-use plastics, which are designed to be used only once before becoming waste. Increasing consumer and industry awareness of backlash against these wasteful materials has led to alternative solutions.

As a result, sustainable plastics have begun to replace earlier environmentally friendly solutions like compostable food packaging, which tend to be difficult to store and sanitize for multiple uses. Common current uses of sustainable plastics include:

  • The food supply chain
  • Hospitals and surgical rooms
  • The airline industry
  • Security and the military
  • And more.

At its best, this material is safe, versatile, and cost-effective. It’s designed for both harsh environments in a wide range of industries and the modern emphasis on environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Industries Primed to Move Toward Plastics Sustainability

"Corporate social responsibility is a hard-edged business decision. Not because it is a nice thing to do or because people are forcing us to do it… because it is good for our business"

Niall Fitzerald, former CEO, of Unilever

Business leaders across industries are constantly looking for more efficient, durable solutions to their daily problems. When those solutions also happen to meet high-level CSR goals, everyone is happy. Flexcon’s products have helped industries from hospitality to retail, and from academics to warehousing improve their packaging and storage solutions.

Improving Food Storage in Hospitality Settings box-img

Improving Food Storage in Hospitality Settings

For bakeries, keeping goods fresh is as important as the actual baking process. Our Bakery Racks, Baskets, and Trays are specifically designed to safely stack bread, buns, cakes, and more, without hampering airflow or getting compromised in cold environments. Products stay fresh throughout the supply chain, and easy cleaning can repeat the process for every workflow.

Prioritizing Durability for Airport Security Checks box-img

Prioritizing Durability for Airport Security Checks

Airport security processes thousands of passengers every day. Any products used need to be both efficient and durable, able to be handled without much care as users rush to their next stop. The ergonomic handles of Flexcon's security plastic bins and trays allow easy management, while the design is specifically optimized for easy cleaning and nesting during storage.

Improving Stackability in Retail Environments box-img

Improving Stackability in Retail Environments

Modern retailers need to be flexible. The current uncertainties of the supply chain have caused many of them to frequently stock and restock their shelves. Enter Flexcon's hopper front containers, which are available in enough styles and sizes to store almost any retail product. Use them to showcase small products and re-organize shelves, or present clearance items in a clean way.

Keeping Evidence Clean in Law Enforcement box-img

Keeping Evidence Clean in Law Enforcement

Law enforcement and other public offices alike have a constant need for efficient and secure document storage. Containers need to fit into any size storage room, keep the documents clean, and remain efficient for the space at a variety of sizes. Our property and evidence containers do just that, including accessories like covers, label holders, dividers, handles, foam cushioning, and more.

Organizing Chaotic Classroom Environments box-img

Organizing Chaotic Classroom Environments

Any teacher knows: keeping a classroom clean and organized can be difficult. At the same time, teaching students about sustainability is just as important, and the budget doesn't typically allow for one-time storage options. Sustainable stack and hang bins and attached lid containers can manage any storage needs, from art supplies to classroom snacks. Dividers increase organization in a wide range of sizes.

Keeping Healthcare Materials Safe and Clean box-img

Keeping Healthcare Materials Safe and Clean

Medical facilities require storage materials that are both durable and sanitary. Sizing has to be custom to fit into the unique needs of tight environments in rooms or during transportation. Medical containers constructed with sustainable plastics can solve that need in a variety of industries, from hospitals to ambulance services looking for smaller models and closed storage options.

Increasing Flexibility in Warehouse Storage box-img

Increasing Flexibility in Warehouse Storage

Warehouse bins need to be standardized to specific sizes while also combining maximum durability with flexibility and low weight. Our warehouse bins combine the best of corrugated plastic with new means of construction to create more sustainable solutions. The result is more flexible storage in all common warehouse sizes along with dividers, palettes, and more to serve a variety of warehousing needs.

Reducing Static Energy in Technology Transports box-img

Reducing Static Energy in Technology Transports

Transporting electronic devices over any sort of distance can be a delicate matter. Static electricity can disrupt the supply chain, at worst leading to accidents with devastating consequences. ESD and conductive containers circumvent that problem by offering a safer alternative to transferring technology, thanks to inserts like thermoformed trays and static dissipative foam inserts and shielding.

Keeping Recycling Sanitary in Commercial Applications box-img

Keeping Recycling Sanitary in Commercial Applications

Any industry looking to enhance its sustainability efforts is looking to recycling as one of the solutions. In both commercial and manufacturing applications, recycling can significantly reduce waste and improve the environmental footprint. But it only works when the different containers are kept sanitary to meet local guidelines. Recycling containers made from sustainable plastics can offer that solution.

Decreasing Product Variance in Shipping Contexts box-img

Decreasing Product Variance in Shipping Contexts

Shipping gets complicated when products to be transported, like food items or medical supplies, need to be shipped at a certain temperature. Shipping containers that are able to keep these products at the right temperature become crucial. Our insulated shippers can maintain an interior temperature between 2°C and 8°C for up to 72 hours, regardless of the exterior climate, to keep the products safe.

Custom Container Solutions box-img

Custom Container Solutions

No two businesses are exactly alike. Each has a unique set of products, inventory processes, and customers. These valuable assets must be preserved and managed with the utmost care and efficiency. Designing cost-effective, flexible, sustainable containers and material management systems is our specialty. We will leverage our 125 years of practical experience to provide you with what you need in a way that makes the most sense for your operation.

Container Solutions Made With Reusable, Sustainable Plastics

Of course, Flexcon containers are not limited to any of these industries. Their benefits extend far beyond, lending advantageous materials to any business looking to increase flexibility and decrease long-term costs. Our products are made in the United States, and built on four overarching principles:



Reusable means you'll need to prepare them for each use. Flexcon products are easy to clean, and they won't lose structural integrity or coloring in the process. They're also safe to clean in both individual and commercial dishwashers.



The designs of Flexcon containers are intentional, and every hook and nook has a purpose. No matter the exact use and purpose, our products are stackable to optimize spacing and increase both storage and transportation convenience.



When we say sustainable, we mean it. All Flexcon containers are built following the strict standards of Statistical Process Control, tested in DAP-certified laboratories, and comply with UL 969, cUL, and CSA testing protocols for durability.



You're never limited to what you see. In addition to the products offered on our website, we also offer the ability to develop the exact solution each individual client needs to help with shipping, storage, and other industry solutions.

Who We Are

Flexcon is a leading American manufacturer of totes and containers that can improve workflows, storage, packaging, and transportation across industries. We’ve been in business for more than 50 years and can boast more than 150 years of combined experience in helping our customers with reliable and sustainable solutions.
Our material handling containers, totes, dividers, bins, trays, and plastic pallets can find used in ASRS systems, vertical lift modules, conveyors, shelving, and much more. Our plastic products with sustainability at the forefront, using a mix of corrugated plastic and molded plastic while embracing durability to maximize the product life for all of our customers.

For more than 50 years, our goal has been both clear and consistent: to provide durable, cost-effective containers that are specifically designed to help our clients maximize their efficiency within their physical space. Three pillars have helped us achieve that goal:

Versatility box-img


Including both styles and sizes designed to fit almost every need. Our flexible manufacturing approach means no tooling charges are added regardless of the container size you need.

Imagination box-img


focusing on our ability to help any clients find storage and container solutions for their unique situation. The result: increasing usable space for many of our clients by at least 30%.

Quality box-img


including a commitment to creating container and storage products that fit client needs exactly--and can be used for the same purpose for many years to come, reducing waste in the process.

Our Promise to the Customer box-img

Our Promise to the Customer

We will listen to you. And once we do, we take that information to develop the exact solution you need. We take pride in helping our customers save time, optimize, and improve their bottom line, and we'll show that pride in every interaction we have with our customers.

Our Values

We've built a business based on more than just product quality. Our values ensure client satisfaction, in more ways than one:

We design and produce the most efficient and cost-effective products possible for each client.

We encourage our clients to test our pre-production samples thoroughly in the environment in which they will be used to help ensure an overlap with their products, needs, and operations.

We practice sustainability by producing reusable products, recycling our waste, using recyclable and recycled materials, and encouraging our clients to reuse and recycle our products.

We support ethical business practices, mutual respect, dignity, equal opportunity, security, confidentiality, and protection of the environment.

In other words, not just our products are sustainable. Their production is as well, as is the way in which we build long-term relationships with our customers to ensure mutual success.

How to Leverage Flexcon in Your Industry

The customizable nature of our business means that Flexcon containers can be easily used and implemented across industries. It’s why more than 350 Fortune 500 countries trust us with their storage and transportation container solutions.

We’re ready to help you get started, as well. Whether you’re looking to get more containers for an existing system or need help designing a customized storage container system from scratch, reach out to us today. We’ll listen to your needs and put

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