Totes are the backbone of your automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS). If you stop and think about it, everything in your production and your supply chain is riding on them.

That understanding led Flexcon to take a holistic approach in developing the first fully-integrated ASRS tote system.

Now you can get a system of totes, plastic pallets, dividers, dollies, placards, barcoding solutions and pallet caps designed to work together, with your technology and your entire operation—precisely and efficiently.

When your totes and your ASRS aren’t in sync, it’s a disaster. Small design mistakes can lead to system crashes, lengthy downtime, production delays and all the related labor expenses. If you have to call a technician to straighten things out, you’re in for another round of costs. And if you end up having to replace your totes, it’s sure to cost you a bundle.

When your totes don’t function well in other settings, you’re in for another set of downsides altogether. If your totes aren’t ergonomic, they can cause repetitive stress injuries. If they stack poorly, they will waste valuable storage space. If they are the wrong size or dimension, they might not palletize perfectly or stack right on dollies.

Totes often have to perform many functions in many different settings. When they perform poorly, they can harm efficiency, expose products to damage, create unsafe conditions and annoy employees.

Flexcon helps you nip these negatives in before they can hurt you. We tailor a complete tote solution to your ASRS, your business and your supply chain. We consider every touchpoint from end-to-end and create an integrated system of products just for your unique set-up. We design your totes and dividers at the same time as your plastic pallets, dollies and pallet caps. That way they fit together and work well together. We anticipate your barcodes and placards—so you don’t have to go back and do it later.

The result is a tote system that is fully optimized for all uses. You get totes that are right for your ASRS system and that leverage opportunities to improve efficiency and quality throughout your supply chain. It leads to totes that perform as well on your conveyors as they do on pallets, in pick and pack stations, while being dollied, throughout shipping and while they’re being stored.

Flexcon’s family of ASRS products was inspired by our experience designing totes for some of the world’s leading brands and most advanced ASRS. We’ve learned the importance of understanding each client’s operations and business, as well as its technology. We’ve also developed an eye for insights that informs our designs and leads to perfect tote solutions for our clients’ needs.

By taking a holistic approach to tote solutions, you can avoid a potentially frustrating and expensive learning curve during implementation. Addressing pallets, dollies, dividers and all the other details at the same time as your totes saves time, delivers ideal solutions and helps you avoid making compromises after the fact. By developing a tote solution designed for your specific technology and end-to-end efficiency, you can uncover the true potential of your ASRS.

Request a call with one of our container experts about your ASRS implementation or optimization—and learn all the ways that your totes can integrate with your operations better.