Maximize Your Shipping Efficiency with Stack and Nest Totes

With fuel costs rising, businesses are constantly looking for ways to cut expenses. One solution to these increasing shipping costs is to start using stack and nest totes. These containers cut costs in one significant way.

The ability to stack and nest totes allows businesses to minimize space taken up in warehouses and shipping vehicles. As a result, you reduce the cost of using multiple trucks to ship your products to the desired destination.

Read on to discover other benefits of using totes.

What are Stack and Nest Totes?

Stack and nest totes are plastic containers designed for storage and transportation. The containers feature a space-saving design that lets you stack them when the lid is on to maximize space and save costs. Furthermore, you can nest them when empty to save storage space.

Manufacturers fabricate the totes from polypropylene or high-density polyethylene. Since the totes are available in various sizes and colors, you will always find a suitable container for your storage or shipping needs.

The Benefits of Stack and Nest Totes

Apart from their space-saving design, stack and nest totes are designed to endure the roughest of shipping conditions. In particular, the containers have reinforced rims and corners, making them more impact-resistant.

Furthermore, the plastic material used on these totes is wear resistant. It offers superb strength, durability, and resistance to elements. With a hardwearing frame, your totes will endure wear and tear for many years.

Other benefits of these shipping and storage totes include:

Ease of Use

The containers are easy to stack and nest. To stack, place one container on top of another. Make sure that the corners and sides are aligned. You can stack up to 9 totes on top of each other. Note that the number depends on the weight of the goods in the totes.

To nest, place one container inside another. Again, make sure that the corners and sides are aligned. Press down on the top container to nest it securely into the container below. Repeat the process until you nest all the containers.


Plastic totes are designed for all industries. You can use them in your manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics companies. The totes are also ideal for the food service, healthcare, and retail sectors.

These totes are suitable for storing and transporting a wide range of products. For instance, you can use them to transport small parts, tools, and mail. You can also use the totes to ship groceries, medical supplies, and raw materials.

Stack and nest totes are also suitable for use in indoor and outdoor settings. They can withstand extreme temperatures, humidity, and other unforgiving conditions.

Transport is Easy and Cost-Effective

One of the main advantages of stack and nest totes is their ability to be stacked. They consume little space in delivery trucks, allowing you to transport more goods in one go. Thus, you’ll save the dollars you would have spent on an extra truck.

The totes are also designed to nest within one another when not in use. Nesting allows for even more space savings. You can nest multiple empty totes to take up minimal space in a warehouse.

Nesting and stacking makes the containers a good alternative to packs that need to be placed side by side.

Compatible with Automated Systems

Stack and nest totes work within multiple automated systems. For example, the containers interlock when stacked, making it easier to move them with a conveyor system. 

They also work well with storage and retrieval systems. These systems are used in warehouses and other extensive storage facilities to automate storing and retrieving items.

Integrating stack and nest totes into automated systems comes with several advantages. For instance, it improves efficiency and productivity in warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution operations.

Easy to Clean

Stack and nest totes are easy to clean. The durable plastic frames used to construct them can withstand a variety of cleaning methods. You can wipe them down with a damp cloth or sponge and mild detergent to get rid of dust and grime.

You could also use a commercial dishwasher to get the job done if you have several totes. Dishwashing is also great for totes used to transport food items, as it eliminates even the most stubborn dirt and germs. 

This feature prevents a buildup of bacteria, germs, and other contaminants that pose a health risk. The ease of cleaning is crucial in industries such as food and medicine, where hygiene is a priority.

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