Five Tips to Select the Perfect Bulk Storage Containers

Bulk storage containers provide several advantages for many industries. Whether a company is in healthcare, agriculture, or the automotive industry, bulk containers offer innovative storage and transportation solutions. Choosing containers that fit the unique needs of the company can help guarantee successful business operations. In the following article, we’re sharing five tips on how you can find the right bulk containers for any business.

1. Consider Material and Durability

The materials used to construct bulk storage containers can greatly influence their strength. Finding out what will be placed in the containers first can help determine the durability you’ll need from them. Let’s take a look at the three most common material choices:


Wooden bulk containers are known for their strength. Many of these containers can be stacked on top of each other to create more space on a production floor. This option can be cost-effective as well. The disadvantage of using wooden bins is that they can be difficult to sanitize and costs go up if you need them to be custom-made for your business’s daily operations. 


Storage containers made of metal are quite durable. These boxes can be reused and sanitized as well. However, metal bulk containers tend to be much more expensive when compared with other options. They can also be harder to move around and are prone to rust. 

Reusable Plastic

One exceptional advantage of reusable plastic bulk boxes is that they can be easily cleaned and maintained. They can be efficiently stacked and customized according to the operations of a business. 

Implementing reusable bulk containers is a cost-effective and optimal way to store and transport items.

2. Evaluate Handling and Accessibility

Another factor to consider is the readiness and convenience of the containers. Determining the space of the working area in which the containers will be used can help identify size requirements. Evaluating the size and layout of your working area can also help you decide the best way to access the products or materials being stored. Here are a few questions that can help narrow down what is needed for any company’s operations:

  • How will the boxes move around the facility?
  • Where will they be stored? 
  • What type of products will need to be accessed?
  • Will the containers need to be moved with a forklift or manually?

It is important to take into account employee safety and ergonomics when selecting the appropriate boxes for your company.

3. Assess Bulk Storage Container Stackability and Space Efficiency

Stackability is a crucial element for finding which bulk storage containers will work best for your business. There are multiple advantages to opting for stackable containers. These advantages include:

  • Increased floor space
  • Optimal adaptability
  • Improved organization
  • Enhanced safety

To make the best use of space, it is important to strategically stack containers and determine the most efficient method for handling products. Stack racks can provide an added degree of strength and accessibility for bulk containers. Pallets keep merchandise off the ground and can also offer an exceptional way to move your containers throughout the facility. 

4. Review Security and Protection Features

Making sure that inventory has tamper-evident components or locking mechanisms will ensure products remain safe during shipping. These features will help prevent loss and keep merchandise protected from other issues, such as dust, impact incidents, and water damage. Customized bulk storage containers can be ordered with the following add-on features:

Attached Lid Solutions

One option to protect your inventory is by adding detachable lids. Containers with this feature have built-in lids and doors that interlock. This design adds another security option by allowing for the use of hasps or cable ties. Security lids can also prevent dust from getting inside and allow for installation of other components that will further prevent theft and damage.

Bulk Storage Container Covers

Bulk box covers are another solution for securely transporting and storing inventory in storage containers. They can be designed to fit over boxes and are equipped with extra features, such as an ID tag placard section.

Incorporating security features and durability measures will ensure that products remain intact while traveling from one location to another.

5. Compare Cost and Return on Investment

For any company, making a return on an investment is highly beneficial.

. This is especially true when using bulk storage containers. Comparing costs and considering how often the containers will be utilized can help determine how much a business will save in transportation and storage expenses. Here are several points to consider when making these estimates:

  • Functionality – Will it be used daily and how?
  • Strength – What inventory or materials will be placed in the containers?
  • Length of Use – How long do the containers need to be usable?
  • Versatility – Can these containers be used in other areas of the company?

Bulk storage containers can offer a great return on your investment! By implementing reusable plastic containers, businesses can save money in various functions of the facility. 


There are so many benefits to utilizing bulk storage boxes! Choosing the right containers can provide advantages in improving overall operations and enhancing workflow!

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