Plastic Bulk Bins in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry emphasizes aesthetic presentation and guest satisfaction so much that backstage logistical processes often get overlooked. Plastic bulk bins are a great way to help any storage and supply department navigate their most common storage and organizational challenges and ensure that everything else runs smoothly. 

In any business, from restaurants to bakeries and hotels to convention centers, all the way from cafes to large event venues like ballparks, arenas, and stadiums, any business can benefit by using food-safe, lightweight, durable plastic bulk bins. But how exactly can plastic bulk bins optimize storage capacity in the hospitality industry? It’s important to first define what these bins are.

What Are Plastic Bulk Bins?

A plastic bulk bin is a reusable, heavy-duty container designed to transport and store various goods and materials. The bins are fabricated from polymers like polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Plastic bulk bins outperform wood and steel alternatives in terms of reusability, returnability, and recyclability. Using plastic bulk bins can reduce your environmental footprint and save your business money. The bins are lightweight, versatile, corrosion-resistant and come in different sizes and shapes to fit any industry’s needs. 

Why Plastic Is Better

Here are some benefits of using bulk plastic bins in the hospitality industry:

Sanitization and Waste Management Requirements

Organizations in the hospitality industry need a waste management system to help streamline waste disposal, reuse, reduction, and prevention. It is an approach that effectively manages waste from its origin to its final destination without jeopardizing the environment and human health. Plastic bulk bins are ideal for collecting and transporting organic and inorganic waste materials. Plastic is easy to clean and sanitize with minimum effort, ensuring sanitary conditions and allowing container reuse to reduce plastic waste. The bins are also more flexible since you can store them inside, in the backyard, or near building lines, improving space efficiency.

Storage and Organization

A well-organized working space ensures that employees can access the items they need faster by making it easier to identify them in stores or warehouses. Plastic bulk bins have label holders for easier identification and effective inventory management. For example, this Light Duty Bulk Box (Vented) bin by Flexcon is suitable for storing fresh fruits and vegetables. The vented design allows for proper airflow, which helps keep the organic contents fresh. It can also be used for housekeeping purposes to store linens and towels. 

Plastic bulk bins are also a reliable way to store bulk ingredients and dry goods since they have a secure design and are resistant to wear and tear even in demanding environments.

Food Preparation and Safe Storage

Plastic bins are efficient when storing ready food and preventing food waste. Meal preparation requires a well-stocked kitchen with adequate containers to reduce food waste. Plastic food containers follow specific guidelines to ensure they do not contaminate the food. Plastic bins are useful when marinating vegetables or meat in large-scale food operations since they have a larger space, offering a wider surface area for storage of ingredients. They are also a better alternative to sinks and dishwashers when washing utensils, as they can be easily moved to any location. 

Transport and Distribution

Plastic bulk bins are a way to move food and equipment to different locations. They are reusable, durable, and not prone to damage during transportation. Products like the Reinforced Molded Bulk Container – Top Discharge are sturdier, more dust and water-resistant, and are a great storage solution. They are stackable and collapsible, making loading time a simpler and faster process while also saving on storage space. They have handles that will allow workers to move the containers easily without equipment and lids that keep everything secure during transit.

Event Management

Event management involves transporting and storing various supplies, such as food and beverages, utensils, serving equipment, etc. This can make it challenging to identify specific items when they are needed. Plastic bins have labels that help minimize item loss and ensure teams find what they need quickly. The bins can also allow you to move large quantities of event supplies in less time, simplifying the material handling process. This simplifies event setup and teardown as you can deploy and return these containers more quickly.

Plastic Is More Sustainable and Costs Less Over Time

Plastic containers are usually thrown away after one use, creating large quantities of plastic waste, which burdens the environment. Proper disposal of plastics is crucial, and recyclability should be a priority for the hospitality industry. Plastic bulk bins can be reused and recycled, offering a more sustainable storage solution. Recycling minimizes the environmental impact of plastic use while reducing incineration emissions. Plastic bins can also offer a better return on your investment since they are versatile, durable, and can serve any purpose.

Final Thoughts

The hospitality industry demands adaptable storage solutions to help navigate the unique challenges ahead, such as varying inventory requirements, seasonal trends, and more. Plastic bulk bins offer numerous benefits to businesses and organizations within this industry. They are durable, efficient, easy to handle, recyclable, and versatile, proving to be a perfect storage solution.

Contact Flexcon today for any inquiries about reusable bulk plastic bins. Our experts will help you choose the best bins for your needs or take custom requests for products with extended dimensions—whatever it takes to get you a perfect match. 

Image by topntp26 on Freepik