Plastic Pallet Sleeve Packs Are Packed Full of Advantages for Bulk Material Shipping and Storage

Pallet sleeve packs, made of corrugated plastic, offer many advantages for handling and shipping bulk materials—from being light weight and durable to their capability of being reused numerous times and saving money.

These practical bulk material containers consist of a pallet base and a second pallet that fits on top, enabling stacking of pallet sleeve packs. Corrugated plastic sleeves act as walls, creating a sturdy shipping container that protects bulk materials in transit and storage. The sleeves snap into grooves in the pallet base and top to stay firmly in place while in use.

And when not in use, the pallet sleeves conveniently fold flat. This design feature, just one of many advantages of pallet sleeve packs, saves space in storage and return shipping.

Other advantages of pallet sleeve packs:

  • Reusable. Plastic pallet sleeve packs are a “green” solution because they are returnable and reusable. They can be reused dozens, even hundreds, of times. This reduces waste and disposal costs, which leads to the next advantage….
  • Economical. Because they can be reused, pallet sleeves reduce your total cost of ownership. You quickly recoup your initial investment because of their long-lasting nature. While wood pallets may last for a dozen uses or less, plastic pallet sleeve packs enable you to spread your investment over hundreds of uses.
  • Durable. They stand up to repeated use better than alternatives. They don’t splinter, crack or absorb moisture like wooden pallets.
  • Protective. Pallet sleeves reduce product and material damage as they offer optimal protection. They’re strong and durable.
  • Stable. Unlike wooden pallets, corrugated plastic pallet sleeve packs retain their size, shape and weight. They don’t warp or shrink. And they don’t absorb moisture and swell. Because they retain their shape they work well with automated material handling equipment.
  • Ergonomic. Plastic pallet sleeve packs are lightweight and easy to handle. They’re also easier on your workforce, resulting in fewer workplace injuries, because they don’t splinter or crack.
  • Hygienic. Corrugated plastic pallet sleeve packs can be easily cleaned and disinfected, so they are ideal for food and FDA approved applications, as well as pharmaceutical applications.
  • Customizable. Sleeve packs are attractive as they can be made in custom colors. The sleeves can be printed to identify your brand, which aids in return of pallet sleeve packs to your facility.
  • Nestable. Top and bottom pallets can be nested to save storage space. Further space savings can be realized, as the plastic sleeves fold flat between uses.

Pallet sleeve packs by Flexcon Corporation are available in stock pallet sizes of 48 x 45 and 48 x 40. In addition, other standard sizes are readily available, and Flexcon can manufacture custom size pallet sleeve packs and internal dunnage for your special applications.  We can even design custom pallet sleeve solutions that work with wooden pallets.

To learn more and take full advantage of pallet sleeve packs for your operations, contact a Flexcon sales representative today.