How a Plastic Tote Manufacturer Can Brighten Up Your Day

Plastic containers can bring order to chaos. They can create zen moments for those who can appreciate an organized space. Containers can improve business efficiency by storing items in easy-to-reach locations. For households with more toys or craft supplies than space, they can provide quick storage when unexpected guests arrive. A plastic tote manufacturer helps their customers organize space. They can also help brighten it. With containers available in different sizes and colors, being organized doesn’t have to mean boring.  With a little imagination, containers can be functional and fun.

Luggable Containers

Often used as security bins at airports, plastic containers are easy to clean and sanitize. When nested, they take up minimal space and are lightweight enough to be easily moved. Adding a lid to certain models of luggable totes makes them perfect for moving agricultural products or healthcare supplies.

Although these luggables come in different colors, gray seems to be the color of choice. In color theory, gray evokes a sense of balance or neutrality, which makes it a safe choice. For a change of pace, try the blue. Blue creates a sense of calm and stability that can be reassuring in stressful environments such as healthcare facilities and airports.

Custom Formed Containers

Vacuum-formed containers use standard tools or custom forms to create task-specific totes. These types of containers may come with dividers to separate individual components or include nesting capabilities for space-saving storage. Whatever the task, a plastic tote manufacturer can create a container to fit any need.

Since formed containers are custom-made, colors can become purposeful. Why go with a neutral gray when green connotes health and growth?  And while we have the color green front of mind, don’t forget that these reusable plastic containers are also environmentally friendly. Our plastic is reusable and can be recycled or repurposed rather than sent to a landfill. 

Nesting Stackable Containers

A plastic tote manufacturer can design containers to be nested without lids or stacked with lids. Some containers have removable lids that can be stored separately. These versatile totes come in multiple sizes and include ventilation cutouts for improved air circulation. Perishable contents can benefit from such features, whether in transit or storage.  

Stackable containers come in colors beyond the standard black and gray. They come in red, blue, and green. Instead of using a single color, consider color-coding storage containers, making it easier for people to know what is inside a container without needing to open it and look. Even if color coding isn’t absolutely necessary, adding pops of red to a monochromatic stack of gray bins can actually energize employees

Automated Stackable Containers

Warehouses and manufacturers often use automated storage systems that require containers that will work with conveyors, sorters, and loaders. Most companies opt for containers in light gray, dark gray, or black.  After all, technology doesn’t need color. It needs durable storage with versatility to meet automation requirements.

Machines may not mind rows and rows of gray bins, but people become bored with uniformity and lose focus. Consider placing a red container among those gray and black bins. When a staff member locates the red bin, bring in lunch for everyone to celebrate. Games like these can help add energy to the warehouse and make work a little more fun.

Clear Totes and Containers

Sometimes, color gets in the way. Organizations that need to see a container’s contents can use clear totes made of polypropylene. These can be arranged by size to make it easier to track similarly sized items and maximize space.

Companies use clear containers for material handling of small parts. Store rooms use clear open bins for office supplies. Large bins can hold layers of fabric or bedding. With this type of container, employees have a clear line of sight for efficient storage and retrieval.

Postal Totes and Trays

Postal totes and trays are not just for handling mail. They can meet the USPS specifications for usage, or they can be as large as 30.8”x18.8”x9”. Small postal trays and totes can be as small as 12”x12”x12”. They can be stacked or nested and come with or without lids.

Corrugated plastic containers can have lids or come with standard flap closures, making postal totes and trays a versatile storage solution. Open bins make sorting easy. Closed containers keep the contents free of dust and other contaminants. 

The flexibility extends to choice of color as well. You can always go with the neutral palette of blacks, grays, or whites, but other options exist, including reds, greens, blues, and yellows. Energize your employees with pops of sunshine yellow instead of letting them enter a gray maze with ceilings that look like overcast skies.

Plastic Tote Manufacturers

From the zen-like experience of being in a well-organized space to the positive feelings created by yellow containers, plastic tote manufacturers can seriously brighten your day. With versatile plastic containers, companies can organize any space in any way, all while improving their work environment. Browse Flexcon’s catalog to find the perfect container and brighten your day.