Attached Lid Containers

Attached Lid Containers that stack when full and nest when empty will increase efficiency in your supply chain. Flexcon offers over 40 sizes in various colors and material. These reusable containers are durable, reliable and perfect for manufacturing, distribution, storage, transportation, picking, and retail. By closing the lids you can protect product and also secure it with the security holes. When these containers are nested they take up considerably less space than non-nesting totes. Perfect for palletizing, storage or transportation. speak with our material handling experts to find the perfect container. Hot stamping and labels are available upon request. Custom requests and dealer inquiries welcome.

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Attached Lid Containers

Industries in the supply chain, manufacturing, retail, or service sector, can all benefit from having an end-to-end custom container solution for distribution. Customer-specific solutions can simplify processes, boost efficiency and increase productivity. A key component of this logistical design is the attached lid container (ALCs).

Flexcon provides exceptional quality attached lid containers that come with an integral hinged lid and tamper-evident security to reduce loss and deter theft of high-risk or high-value goods in transit.

Also known as flip top containers, pharmacy totes, and bi-fold lid totes, our ALCs are designed to stack high and nest to increase per unit carrying capacity, lowering shipping cost and saving valuable storage space on return shipping.

What Are Attached Lid Containers?

An attached lid container is a shipping and distribution container with a lid or cover that serves as the closure or seal to completely close the object. Some containers come with a tamper-evident band to seal the lid securely until an opening is authorized. Attached lid containers are also an excellent shipping alternative to disposable or cardboard boxes.

Flexcon provides a range of reusable, lightweight, heavy-duty, color-coded, durable, secure, and large ALCs customized to fit your needs and budgets.

How Do ALCs Move Your Operation Forward?

ALCs are ideal for several applications, including order picking, distribution, conveying, storage, manufacturing, palletizing, and transportation. Some of the immediate benefits that come with our ALCs include:

Safe storage: Installing security seals guarantees your high-value goods in transit are adequately protected. With the lid containers provided by Flexcon, it is easy for you to check if the contents of plastic boxes have been accessed during distribution. Typically a broken seal means the container has been opened by an unauthorized person.

Saving space: Nesting your attached lid containers when empty and open will save you space when you need it. Stack them when full to protect the product. Anti-jamming features allow for easy destacking via machine or manually.

Saving costs: Replacing your disposable cardboard boxes for reusable plastic trays will help you save money by minimizing supply chain costs. Ideally, each ALC replaces hundreds of individual cartons because they can be used multiple times. They are also highly durable, and maintenance-free, thus saving on disposal or installation costs.

Brand building: With our ALCs, you can have printed information or codes on the sides of the sealed containers to advertise your brand or products and services. Printed information can benefit users in applications targeted at customers in the retail and service sector. The containers also boast large surfaces that allow a clear presentation of both the company logo and contact details. Undoubtedly, using our ALCs can guarantee that your business looks professional when compared to other available options.

Prevents cross-contamination: Apart from preventing theft, the attached lids also protect items from dust, moisture, and other contaminants. If your applications are prone to contamination risks, for example, food and pharmaceutical distribution, tamper-evident seals are an essential consideration.

What Are Attached Lid Containers?

ALCs are ideal for several applications spanning different industries. The specific industries that we provide our containers include but are not limited to medical, automotive, agriculture, produce, aerospace, chemical, apparel, and food services.

Flexcon offers custom ALC solutions for some applications. Our containers are ESD compliant and are available in a wide range of colors and sizes. They also feature clear, dunnage-ready drain holes, vents, and flame retardant functionalities.

Flexcon’s Attached Lid Containers: Exceptional Features

Our ALCs are made from high density, industrial-grade polymers to prevent corrosion and break down or crumbling. Polypropylene makes them highly resistant to most chemicals while being heavy-duty enough for many storage and moving applications. Apart from the set of lids that swing out, these containers also come with pull-tight compatible containers with locking apertures and pull tight seals on both ends.

Other exceptional features of our ALCs include:

  • Secure lids: The lids are designed to snap securely and stack to protect contents. You can also open and empty them, to nest them when needed.
  • Pad lockable: You can secure the bins using padlocks or zip ties through security holes
  • Durability and longevity: It comes with heavy-duty sidewalls, hinges, corners, and lids that ensure durability and longevity.
  • Textured bottoms: They also feature textured bottoms to ensure conveyor compatibility.
  • Boasts an ergonomic design that makes them easy to carry.
  • Recyclable: The bins are designed to boost sustainability efforts. Because they are recyclable at the end of their life, ALCs reduce waste and conserve our environment. Plastic attached lid containers are also reusable, which helps you reduce your carbon footprint when replacing single-trip transit packaging.
  • Accessories: Our ALCs come with various accessories, including dollies, labels, RFID, placards, QR codes, dunnage, and hot stamping.

Improve Efficiency with the Help of Flexcon’s ALCs

Attached lid containers are designed to stack when full and nest when empty to improve your supply chain efficiency. Flexcon offers over 40 sizes in various colors and materials. These reusable containers are reliable, durable, and ideal for distribution, manufacturing, storage, picking, conveying, palletizing, transportation, and retail. Contact us today to find the containers best suited to your specific applications and request a quote.

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