Autostore products and accessories

Innovations in storage systems like Autostore provide many benefits to installers and their customers. Not only saving space, but bettering supply chains and storage density across the world. Flexcon offers products compatible with all of these modular systems (AMR, AIG or AGV's) to assist our customers with their installs and the supply chains they support. With many size bins, cladding and other custom products you can be sure Flexcon will get you what you need. Dealer inquiries are welcome. Speak with our friendly material handling experts today!

  • Dividers & partitions:  Available to fit all Autostore tote sizes and more • 3 different materials: Solid coated TTH material, solid plastic, or corrugated plastic • Custom sizes available
  • Cladding & panels: Available in any size and color finished on one or both sides! • Also available in any custom color you select!
  • Clear Acrylic and Polycarbonate windows & view ports available in the size you need!

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Autostore Products and Accessories

Autostore storage systems provide many benefits to installers and their customers. They are not only a great space-saver, they provide better ways to support and increase storage-density to world-wide supply chains. Autostore systems are used by businesses who want to optimize both space and time, and opt for a high-tech, sleek, smooth-running system to get the job done. Some industries that commonly use Autostore systems are:

  • Retail
  • Grocery
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Third Party Logistics

If you are installing a new Autostore system, or optimizing an existing system, Flexcon can help with its compatible products and accessories. We offer multiple size dividers, cladding, siding panels, and clear windows and viewports to make your installation the most efficient and your customer happy.

The scope of Flexcon’s Autostore offerings cover three basic categories:

  1. Dividers and partitions. Standard and custom tote sizes are available in three different materials.
  2. Cladding and panels. Customize to your needs with multiple sizes and colors available.
  3. Clear acrylic and polycarbonate windows. Windows and view ports are available in any size you need.

Dividers and Partitions

Flexcon offers dividers and partitions for a wide variety of containers, including Autostore. Dividers offer a wider variety of products to be organized in your system. The dividers are available in three different materials: Solid coated TTH material, solid plastic, and solid corrugated plastic. Standard Autostore as well as custom sizes are available.

There are multiple benefits to adding dividers and partitions to your Autostore bins. It allows optimization of your storage space, while keeping small items organized and contained. Our materials are durable and will withstand repeated usage.

Cladding and Panels

Flexcon offers cladding and panels in any size and color for a great price. Our siding panels come finished on one or both sides, in your choice of colors and finishes. Flexcon’s panels can be used on new or on existing systems. Vertical carousels, vertical lift machines and storage cubes can benefit from our wide assortment of colors and materials.

Material choices range from heavy duty corrugated plastic, sturdy hardboard or hard plastic. Choose customer colors that will allow your system to not only coordinate with an existing color scheme, but can turn it into an industry showpiece. We can match or customize any color.

Flexcon offers a variety of customer sizes in cladding and siding panels, up to 60×120″ with dual or one-sided coatings. Let one of our designers help get the cladding and siding panels you need for your project at the best price.

Clear Acrylic and Polycarbonate Windows.

Flexcon offers durable, heavy-duty polycarbonate panels, as well as panels made from clear acrylic that can be used as view ports or windows. Keep an eye on robots and products with our strong, crack and scratch resistant clear product. We welcome custom orders and will cut for any application, size, or thickness. As with so many of our products, we offer all the standard sizes and thicknesses, but can also customize windows and view ports to your specifications.

Get Help From The Experts

Our expert staff can help you get the best product for your application at the best price. We can help you design, customize and help you find the right product for your project. Work with our team for top quality, efficiency, and optimal design. We are here to serve you. Give us a call today for more information.

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