Bot containers and Products

Selecting the perfect bot multi tote can solve handling problems, maximize bot capacity and increase efficiency. Designed for automation, Flexcon's bot totes are prefect for picking, sorting, placing and storage operations. Many cell options, sizes, and features are available so ask our friendly material handling experts and they'll help find the perfect solution for you. Partitions, cladding and RFID products available. Can be custom designed for your AGVs, AIV, co-bots, and AMR systems (installations include: Locus Robotics, Kiva Robotics, Conveyco, Fortna, Kardex, Invata, Amazon, Bastian solutions, Dematic, Pulse Integration, Honeywell, Swisslog, Sencorp White, Kuecker, SSI Schaefer, Opex, and more systems). Easy to clean, lightweight, durable, high visibility and unlimited possibilities. Custom requests and dealer inquiries welcome.

  • Available in 6 standard sizes including 1, 3, 6, 8, 10 and 12-cell plus any custom size or configuration! • From 1 to 12 locations (depending on size) • Available in 4 standard colors: Custom colors available upon request. WHITE BLUE BLACK NATURAL
  • Advantages include: • Easy to clean / washable • Light-weight and durable for picking applications • High visibility • Unlimited possibilities
  • Installations on: • Locus Robots • Kiva Robots • Amazon Robots • Fetch Robotics • Many more

Bot containers and Products

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Bot containers and products

Looking for quality and reliable bot containers for your milk products? Flexcon offers you reliable bot containers and products for office, warehouse, or home garage storage purposes. With over 150 years of industry experience, Flexcon has storage containers for every customer; they come in various designs to address your needs.

Milk crates and Handheld vented containers from Flexcon save you space while affording you decent storage capacity. These stacking containers ensure products remain in the container without crushing during stacking, load unitization, and palletizing.

Bot containers and products from Flexcon are perfect for ASRS, shelves, mini-load systems, and carousels. You can use them for industrial, automotive, commercial, electronic, manufacturing, and distribution.

Flexcon offers a variety of features, sizes, and options, so you can be sure we have your dream container. Get in touch with our experts and let us create customized bot containers and products that suit your needs.

Flexcon bot storage containers and product sizes

Flexcon containers have a bot container and product size for every warehouse need. These sizes largely depend on the target use and the design of the container.

Here are the main sizes for the vented milk crates category:

  • 19*13*11 Stackable 24-Qt Milk Crate
  • 20*13*6 Ventilated Stack & Nest Container
  • 16*12*8 Vented stackable container
  • 20*14*11 Ventilated Stack & Nest Container
  • 15*15*15 Stackable Crate
  • 24*16*12 Vented Stack & Nest Tote
  • 13*13*11 stackable 24-Qt Milk Crate
  • 24*16*12 Vented Stackable Container
  • 24*16*13 Vented Straightwall Stackable Container

Key Features of bot containers and products

Flexcon bot containers and products are among the best in the market due to the following outstanding features;

Corrosion proof

These containers are made from corrugated plastic materials that are highly resistant to corrosive chemicals such as acids and alkalis. They are also resistant to water corrosion as they do not contain soluble compounds in their structure. In addition, they can withstand high temperatures and are resistant to corrosion by sunlight’s UV rays.

Light and easily portable

Our manufacturing experts managed to strike a balance between durability and portability. As a result, Flexcon’s bot containers and products are light enough despite being made from sturdy materials. But that’s not all; the design allows you to stack the crates and containers together for easy transport within the warehouse.

However, one thing that stands out in the design of bot containers and products is the customization of handles that smoothens out handling needs. As a result, your workforce can now carry crates and containers full of products without feeling the pinch on their hands.

Easy to clean and maintain

Flexcon bot containers and products have a smooth and even interior that simplifies the cleaning process. Unlike conventional packaging containers with sharp ridges on the surfaces, bot containers with smoother surfaces will not contaminate products such as milk packages and fruits.

Common uses of Flexcon bot containers and products


Flexcon products are ideal storage units. Their stackable design allows you to make the most of the limited space within your warehouse or store. This enhances logistics and safety for workers and customers in your shopping areas.


Sorting milk products into different units can be a headache if you don’t have a unitization machine. However, Flexcon vented milk crates allow you to easily sort different milk sizes and volumes into different crates. In addition, Flexcon bot containers and products are color-coded to further smoothen out the process of unitization and storage organization by creating a color-coded system.


Flexcon containers are designed to facilitate easy transport within the warehouse. You can also stack them into a transport vehicle and keep your products safe during the shipping process.

Customization of products

Since Flexcon values its customers, it allows you to design your ideal bot containers and products. You get to pick the design, colors, and sizes before the company manufactures them for you. This allows you to fit QR codes, RFID, and custom labels on your containers for free.

Let’s discuss your project or request a quote

Flexcon is a leading manufacturer of custom bot containers and products globally. We have over 150 years of experience creating designs, making partnerships, and providing the best solutions for our valued customers. Our professional assistants are here to answer your questions, design bot containers and products for your business or work with you on a quote. Contact us to get your project started!

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