Bulk Box Containers

Flexcon’s industry leading heavy duty reusable bulk boxes and containers are designed with the customer in mind. Our proven designs are rigid, high strength and perfect for transporting or storing goods while helping maximize your space and cube during storage and shipping. We offer a multitude of sizes, with many variations, features and accessories that are all available to help make these containers fit your project requirements including stock picker friendly boxes. Ship and handle your products with ease while increasing your operations productivity and profitability. Flexcon can also customize our existing boxes to offer extended length, extended width and extended heights over our standard offerings. You can be sure Flexcon has the right bulk box for all of your material handling needs. Custom requests and dealer inquiries welcome. Speak with our experts today.

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Bulk Box Containers

Bulk box containers are an effective way for businesses and organizations to reduce short-term shipping and transportation costs and achieve an end to end efficiency. Custom-made bulk container solutions from Flexcon can simplify your processes, boost efficiency, and increase productivity. They are designed to be rigid, high strength, and lightweight to help maximize your space during storage and shipping.

We understand you love the flexibility that comes with access to scalable solutions. As such, we offer many sizes with many variations, features, and accessories, so you have a suitable container for each of your unique applications.

What Are Bulk Box Containers?

A bulk box is also known by several other names, including bulk bin, bin box, octabin, Gaylord, skid box, and pallet box. A bulk box is a pallet-size box used for storage and shipping of bulk quantities. Traditionally, these containers are designed with large or bulk sizes to enable the shipment of products in a large, single container or on a pallet.

For example, Flexcon’s 36-inch square boxes can hold 1,000 to 1,200 pounds, while the bigger 40-inch by 30-inch by 30-inch containers can comfortably hold up to 1,500 pounds. Flexcon’s bulk bins are typically constructed from structural foam, steel, aluminum, wood, corrugated fiberboard, and other FDA-approved plastics.

How Do Bulk Box Containers Move Your Operation Forward?

Bulk box containers are typically used in various applications, including shipping, imports, exports, storage, processing, manufacturing, medical, industrial, and other transportation applications. They are ideal for holding loose parts, granular material, powders, liquids, dunnage, and liners for sensitive items and other items needing bulk containment or protection. Some of the specific benefits of our bulk box containers include:

Cost-effectiveness: Bulk boxes are strong and durable and allow you to save lots of money by reusing them several times. Besides, due to their larger sizes, bulk bins can help combine more shipments and thus save money by shipping several small shipments in a single large box.

Eco-friendly: Today’s consumer is more conscious about an organization’s sustainability efforts. Bulk bin boxes are eco-friendly because they are made of materials that can be recycled and reused. Their manufacturing process doesn’t lead to unsustainable CO2 emissions. Using one, therefore, can be one way to boost your brand image and establish a strong connection with your target customer.

Durability: Our bulk bins are made from corrugated plastics, which make them quite durable. The design is strong enough to hold up when subjected to high levels of toughness. Because of their high durability, you can use these boxes more than once.

Which Industries Use Bulk Box Containers?

The versatility and usefulness of our bulk boxes are well known, so you can find them in almost all industries. They are primarily used throughout the entire supply chain to ship, store or sort different products and materials. The top industries that utilize our Gaylord boxes include:

  • Food processing: Used to ship and store bulky produce, like watermelon, cantaloupe, and large quantities of food. They are also used during the food and beverage manufacturing process.
  • Manufacturing: They are used to store and transport dozens of different raw materials during the manufacturing process.
  • Charitable organizations: Bulk boxes offer a quick and cost-effective way to transport or store large quantities of goods, including food and clothing, for those in need of help.

Some regulated constructions can be used to transport hazardous goods as well.

Features of Flexcon’s Gaylord boxes

Flexcon offers a wide range of boxes with various colors, dunnage ready, drain holes, vents, ESD, flame retardant, and oversized to suit your specific implementations. In addition, our Gaylord boxes feature many bulk box styles, including the fixed wall, stackable, collapsible, bottom discharge, top discharge, picker style, heavy-duty reinforced, dunnage ready, removable wall, light, and medium-duty. They also come with accessories included such as lids, dollies, labels, RFID, runners, lip, seatbelts, dunnage, and anti-slip grommets. Notably, our bulk box containers are popular as they can be customized to accommodate the type and weight of any intended contents.

Improve Operational Efficiencies and save Costs with a Bulk Box Container Today

If you are in packaging, shipping, or manufacturing, you need eco-friendly boxes that enhance the efficacy of your processes while cutting costs. From organizing inventory or putting goods into storage, bulk bin boxes are what you’ll want. Flexcon offers a vast selection of options customized to suit your applications and enable you to increase your loads and reduce freight costs. Contact us today to find the best bulk box container suited to your specific applications and request a quote.

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