Collapsible Containers

Collapses nearly flat to increase volume efficiency, return ratios and reduce costs. Easy-to-use, assembles in two steps. Superior stacking strength and durability. Reduces packaging costs and waste. 48 x 40 GMA pallet compatibility. Cross-stacks to increase load stability. Point-of-purchase display flexibility. Solid (contamination protection) or ventilated (increased airflow and sight management) side andend panels. Reinforced bottom adds strength without adding extra weight. Vertically modular stack heights allow mixed loads to be shipped on the same 45 x 48 pallet for increased space efficiency and flexibility. Integrated AIAG and kan-ban cardholders provide easy access to identification cards. Knock down ratios as high as 4.7:1 result in lower return freight and warehousing costs. Attached and detached lid versions available. Both the 3.6" and 7.2" storage bottoms provide ample room to store a variety of reusable protective dunnage for return. Sixteen different heights and storage-bottom combinations are available to fit your specific applications. Convenient storage allows the custom protective dunnage to stay with the container even when collapsed, to reduce the risk of damage or loss. Cost-effective way to extend the life of custom protective dunnage. Consistent inside dimensions at the top and bottom of the containers allow even multiple layer dunnage to be easily installed and removed. Custom requests and dealer inquiries welcome.

Collapsible Containers

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Collapsible Containers

We create functional technologies.

Flexcon provides innovative solutions such as collapsible containers to help optimize the supply chain across many industries. Divider systems, dunnage, and pallets are durable and can be repurposed. Our collapsible, reusable material handling containers are an example of a product that will increase efficiency while reducing costs.

These cost-effective and customizable containers came about in response to a customer’s desperate need for space that was taken up by massive numbers of stackable totes. Our team of material handling experts worked with them to design custom collapsible containers. These new containers allowed them to reclaim valuable real estate that was formerly buried under a staggering number of stacked totes. In fact, they were able to reclaim 29% of the space that had been devoted to tote storage.

Common uses for collapsible containers.

These collapsible containers help solve the universal problem of not having enough space in a warehouse or other facility. Stackable containers waste space when not in use. Empty, they take up just as much room as when they’re full. By collapsing containers until they’re nearly flat (knock-down ratios are as high as 4.7:1), you’ll have more space to devote to the profitable aspects of your business. When needed again, the collapsed containers can be restored to their full height in as little as two steps.

There are 16 different heights and storage-bottom combinations available to meet your specific needs. Choose solid side and end panels to protect against contamination. Ventilated panels allow for sight management and improved airflow. Additional strength (without added weight) is provided by the reinforced bottoms.

Other benefits of Flexcon’s collapsible containers:

  • Customization options make them suitable for use as point-of-purchase displays, increasing their usability even more.
  • You’ll have easy access to identification cards with the integrated AIAG and Kanban cardholders.
  • These collapsible containers offer superior durability and stacking strength.
  • Enjoy the flexibility and efficiency of shipping mixed loads on the same 45 x 48 pallet.
  • They’re also available for 48 x 40 GMA pallets.
  • Excellent knock-down ratios mean lower costs for return freight and warehousing.
  • The storage bottoms provide plenty of room for reusable protective dunnage, even when collapsed.
  • There’s a reduced risk of damage or loss to custom dunnage since it is stored neatly inside the collapsed containers.
  • Consistent inside dimensions at the top and bottom allow for easy installation and removal of even multiple layers of protective dunnage.

Let us customize your collapsible containers.

We can create a product that perfectly meets your needs. Need a non-standard size or a specific color of collapsible containers? No problem! We’ll work with you to ensure your collapsible containers are exactly what you need.

According to international commercial real estate brokers Cushman & Wakefield, “… the North American industrial market has absorbed over 217 million square feet (MSF) in the first half of 2021 alone, a 94% increase over the first half of 2020.” That kind of demand makes every square inch of facility space too valuable to waste on container storage. Fortunately, you can optimize your space and streamline your operation with customized collapsible containers.

Accessories are available.

The right accessories will make your collapsible containers even more usable.

  • Labels
  • Placards
  • Reusable protective dunnage
  • Attached or detached lids
  • Dollies
  • RFID

How can we help?

At Flexcon, our friendly and knowledgeable material handling experts are always available to answer your questions, discuss your needs, work with you on a custom design, or provide a quote. Give us a call at (908) 324-5283 to see how we can help with all of your standard or custom container needs. You can also request a quote online.

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