Divider Sets

Flexcon’s AGRICULTURAL CONTAINERS include a range for food handling and processing applications — from produce and harvest to poultry, meat and seafood. Flexcon’s produce bins, trays, baskets, stack-nest totes and corrugated plastic containers offer an efficient means for protecting, storing, chilling, harvesting, freezing and transporting an endless variety of farm and food products.

Divider Sets

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep produce fresh while in transit?

There are always a few challenges faced when establishing how to best transport produce in a supply chain. It needs to be fresh, undamaged, at the right temperature, and take up as little space as possible. The innovative design of Flexcon’s produce bins keeps your product fresh while optimizing your supply chain, with an endless selection of products to fit your needs.

How can a container help optimize my supply chain?

Agricultural containers can handle a wide range of food handling and processing applications that can elevate your supply chain to the next level:

  • Transportation costs are lowered using nestable and collapsible containers.
  • Environmental sustainability is boosted with the use of plastic totes and bins.
  • Products are damaged less because of the container’s design.
  • Efficient totes support high-performance “pick and pack.”
  • Quickly and safely integrate containers with automated systems.

Does choosing the wrong container impact my employee’s safety?

Cheap materials often cause injuries. Containers are one of the most significant sources of workplace injury claims in the US. Cuts and scrapes from sharp or broken plastic or lifting injuries caused by overfilling of product. Creating a container with the perfect design for your process will do exactly what it’s supposed to — Keep your employees and your products safe.

Divider Sets

Divider systems or partition sets for trays, vertical lift machines, bins, and drawers prevent movements of your products in your storage and facility, thus improving protection as well as identification. Divider systems can also enhance packing efficiency while maximizing space for cost savings. Flexcon provides custom divider sets designed to be quiet, flexible, and lightweight to meet the needs of virtually any application.

Our products are designed explicitly for Kardex, Hanel, Modula, System logistics, Sencorp white, REMstar, and many more machines. They come without the sharp edges typical of metal dividers while weighing half the weight of metal dividers and are significantly lower cost.


At Flexcon, we understand not all material handling needs are the same, which is why we offer multiple sizes ranging from 6″ to 250″ and heights ranging from 2″ to 24″ with over 30 standard configurations. You can also get custom configurations to meet the specific needs of your application and budgets.


Our divider systems are designed with your packing needs in mind. They fit snugly into your trays while dividing the trays into 2″, 4″, and 6″ centers. Our highly skilled designers can also configure a custom division to meet your needs. These sets also prevent part migration with bottom pads, bin cups, or rubber mats.


Flexcon handpicks high-quality materials to manufacture your divider sets. Some of the most commonly used materials include coated high-density fiberboards, conductively coated materials or ESD, solid plastics, conductive plastic, fire retardant materials, and clean room-safe materials. Our experts are available to guide you in choosing the ideal materials that meet your project’s unique needs

Accessories Included

Our diver sets come with various accessories, including bin cups, bottom pads, rubber mats, colors, tool holders, part bins. We also provide a range of add-ons, including clips, fasteners, label holders, and other hardware that helps make your material handling processes organized and highly efficient.

Custom Divider Sets

The custom divider sets you source from Flexcon are enhanced in several ways to offer maximum protection. Some of our custom products feature an anti-scuff finish to prevent damage to high polished or painted surfaces. This helps minimize the risks of items being rejected or returned due to damage. Scuff-resistant divides also help reduce the need for secondary packaging, including the use of foam, bubble wraps, or polystyrene. Our dividers also boast electro static discharge materials that protect your electronic items.

Common Uses of Divider Sets

Many businesses and organizations rely on Flexcon’s divider sets to enhance material handling and protect items during transit. Some of the industries that use our divider sets include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Agriculture
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Aeronautics
  • Telecommunications
  • Film and production
  • Reels
  • Hospitality
  • Food processing
  • Moving and storage

Why Use Divider Sets for Your Stacking Trays and Totes?

Inefficiencies in the movement of parts, components, and finished products in manufacturing and warehousing processes often lead to added costs that can hurt your bottom line. By utilizing Flexcon’s custom and safe dividers, you will not only improve productivity but also add a layer of protection and safety into your material handling processes. Some of the benefits of divider sets include:

  • Added protection: Dividers provide added protection to your items by separating each item and preventing damage through collision.
  • Improved efficiency: Divider sets in your trays and totes can significantly improve handling efficiency. Divider sets enable you to safely place more items into an outer container to improve part density during handling.
  • Prevents overloading: Dividers can also help organizations avoid overloading the containers. This is crucial in ensuring your processes meet health and safety compliance.
  • Cost savings: The costs of damaged and written-off stock can be massive. Dividers remove these risks while minimizing customer returns and production delays.
  • Easier retrieval: Dividers enable easier retrieval of items from the tote or trays while allowing quick visual stock checks.
  • Easy transportation: Dividers allow for easy transportation of several different items within a single outer tote. They can also be arranged in a variety of combinations to enable multiple re-uses.

Optimize Your Material Handling with Flexcon’s Divider Sets

Flexcon’s divider sets are configurable to suit a wide range of parts or components. They are also adaptable to changes in your specifications and the parts you are packing. Additionally, our divider sets are resistant to moisture and can be easily cleaned and stored flat when not in use. We provide divider sets in a range of sizes to fit most totes and trays. You can also order custom-sized dividers on short lead times for urgent use.

Our experts are here to answer your questions, design a custom divider set for your business, or work with you on a quote. Contact us or give us a call to get started.

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