Conductive & ESD Containers

Electro Static Discharge (ESD) and Conductive containers from Flexcon offer a safe way to transport, store or handle sensitive electronics or other static sensitive goods protecting their viability. We offer many sizes and styles for reels, circuit boards, shippers and much more. ESD safe inserts like thermoformed trays and divider options allow for multiple cells and can be easily removed. Custom features as well as static dissipative foam options for inserts and shielding are also available. Perfect for Shelving, ASRS, conveyors and other storage applications. Custom requests and dealer inquiries welcome.

Conductive & ESD Containers

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep produce fresh while in transit?

There are always a few challenges faced when establishing how to best transport produce in a supply chain. It needs to be fresh, undamaged, at the right temperature, and take up as little space as possible. The innovative design of Flexcon’s produce bins keeps your product fresh while optimizing your supply chain, with an endless selection of products to fit your needs.

How can a container help optimize my supply chain?

Agricultural containers can handle a wide range of food handling and processing applications that can elevate your supply chain to the next level:

  • Transportation costs are lowered using nestable and collapsible containers.
  • Environmental sustainability is boosted with the use of plastic totes and bins.
  • Products are damaged less because of the container’s design.
  • Efficient totes support high-performance “pick and pack.”
  • Quickly and safely integrate containers with automated systems.

Does choosing the wrong container impact my employee’s safety?

Cheap materials often cause injuries. Containers are one of the most significant sources of workplace injury claims in the US. Cuts and scrapes from sharp or broken plastic or lifting injuries caused by overfilling of product. Creating a container with the perfect design for your process will do exactly what it’s supposed to — Keep your employees and your products safe.

Conductive and Electrostatic Bins

Flexcon has decades of expertise providing hundreds of ESD solutions for various sectors, from high-tech electronics and healthcare to aerospace and computers. This includes the highly-popular Conductive and Electrostatic Bins, created to protect the sensitive electronic components from electrostatic fields, induced fields, or ESD damage during manufacturing, shipping and storage.

Electrostatic compliant containers are made of conductive carbon-filled polypropylene plastic to keep harmful fields at bay.

With only a few percent carbon, ESD-safe containers permanently dissipate static electricity in the ideal range of 106 to 109 ohms per square inch. The best level of protection is attained when containers are used in conjunction with lids and internal divider sets.

Our wide range of conductive and ESD containers are in stock guaranteeing fast and reliable service. Flexcon can also design custom solutions tailored to your operational needs.

Experience the Benefits of Working with Flexcon

Working with Flexcon assures you have access to professional problem solvers equipped to get to the core of your material handling requirements. Our expert staff has decades of experience resolving ESD challenges, and will implement solutions that include:

  1. Finest Quality (No Compromises on Great Products)
  2. Individualized Design
  3. Sustainable and Recyclable Compliance (ISO / ESG)
  4. Over a thousand Express And Standard Products
  5. Manufacturing Integration

We listen to your front line users and hear what’s needed. We’ve got this!

What Makes ESD Conductive Storage Bins Unique?

With or without lids, Conductive and Electrostatic Bins safeguard components from harmful electrical charges and provide a protective barrier between the components and the ambient electrical charges that may harm them.

Care & Cleaning

It’s safe to clean ESD Totes because they’re constructed with qualities that keep the parts dust-free.


Because they are both safer and more cost-effective than bagging operations, data centres utilize conductive storage bins and totes to handle and transport circuit boards.

Dividing ESD Safe Divider Boxes may house circuit boards and other components, making handling them more accessible and safer. There are a variety of options for Conductive and Electrostatic Bins.

Custom Solutions for Every Operation

Various ESD bins are available, ranging from the size of a single GBIC module to the size of a whole motherboard.

Most importantly, the chosen containers do not affect how the component functions or the environment in which it operates.

The bins should also be able to accommodate the typical use of the components in a manner compatible with the requirements.

Customize the Products Your Way

An electrostatic discharge is a significant concern for data centers and the organizations that rely on them. Electrostatic discharge can result in the loss or corruption of vital data and electrical components, even if they aren’t given the attention they deserve. Conductive and electrostatic bins from Flexcon, provide a safe solution to preserve the data capacity for all electronic components.

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When you contact Flexcon, you’ll get rapid pricing and excellent customer care that will help you make an informed decision for Conductive and Electrostatic Bins.

In addition, because we have many warehouses around the country, we can ship swiftly and get your order to you in a couple of days. You may rely on our customer care staff for assistance after your order has been delivered.

Our professionals are here to answer your concerns, assist you in designing a bespoke bin solution or system for your business, and assist you in obtaining a quote. To get started, contact us or give us a call.

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