Cannabis Oil Trays

Flexcon’s fiberglass products deliver exceptional durability and performance for all your cannabis processing techniques, from drying to storing. These glass-reinforced composite products are dimensionally stable and will not rust, bend or sag, dent or corrode. They can be readily stacked to maximize air flow for quicker drying. Choose from Cannabis soft-gel trays, cannabis oil vial trays, storage containers.  Talk to us about customized options that suit your needs perfectly.  

  • Uniform temperature distribution
  • Autoclave, ETO, lyophilization and gamma sterilization safe material
  • Ventilated to increase air flow
  • Easy cleaning and storage
  • Many sizes available
  • Custom slots and holes can be added for the drying/curing stages
  • Composite material resists odors, chemicals, and mildew
  • Conform to FDA Regulation Title 21 CFR 177.2420
  • High weight capacity and rigidity

Cannabis Oil Trays
NameL”W”H”Flexcon part# 
Cannabis Oil Vial Trays 20 ¹/₄ 12 ¾ 2 ⅝201202-VT11-FGBuy Now
Cannabis Oil Vial Trays 14 ¾ 14 ¾ 2 ⅞141402-VT11-FGBuy Now
Cannabis Oil Vial Trays 22 ⅞ 14 ½ 3 ⅞221403-VT11-FGBuy Now
Cannabis Oil Vial Trays 20 ¹/₄ 12 ¾ 4 ⅝201204-VT11-FGBuy Now
Cannabis Oil Vial Trays 15 9 3150903-VT11-FGBuy Now
Cannabis Oil Vial Trays 22 ⅞ 14 ½ 8221408-VT11-FGBuy Now

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