• Wide range of designs, depths, and sizes to meet growing requirements
  • High weight capacity and rigidity
  • Smooth, nonporous composite resists odors, chemicals, and mildew
  • Composite material won’t corrode, bend or contaminate
  • Outstanding performance and longevity
  • Won’t absorb moisture, bend, dent or sag
  • Easily cleaned in hot water or steam and can be sterilized
  • Customized options available
  • Easy handling and stacking
  • Temperature range continuous -60° to 250° F (-51° to 121° C)

NAMEA”B”C”Part # 
Nest & Stack Grow Container42 1/2207 1/2422007-AG11-FGBuy Now
Lid42 1/2204220LD-AG11-FGBuy Now
Nest & Stack Grow Container20 1/212 7/88201208-AG11-FGBuy Now
Lid20 1/212 7/82012LD-AG11-FGBuy Now
Stacking Grow Container24 1/221 1/42 5/8242102-AG11-FGBuy Now
Stacking Grow Container27212 5/8272102-AG11-FGBuy Now
Stacking Grow Container30 3/815 7/82 3/4301502-AG11-FGBuy Now
Stacking Grow Container23 3/83 1/83 1/8230303-AG11-FGBuy Now
Stacking Grow Container23 3/8126231206-AG11-FGBuy Now
Stacking Grow Container23 3/8124 3/8231204-AG11-FGBuy Now
Lid23 3/8122312LD-AG11-FGBuy Now
Stacking Grow Container25 3/417 3/43251703-AG11-FGBuy Now
Stacking Grow Container36245362405-AG11-FGBuy Now
Stacking Grow Container25 3/417 3/44 1/2251704-AG11-FGBuy Now
Stacking Grow Container25 3/417 3/46251706-AG11-FGBuy Now
Lid25 3/417 3/42517LD-AG11-FGBuy Now
Nesting Grow Container1875180705-AG11-FGBuy Now
Nesting Grow Container2486240806-AG11-FGBuy Now
Nesting Grow Container3686360806-AG11-FGBuy Now
Nesting Grow Container12 1/2112 1/2121102-AG11-FGBuy Now
Nesting Grow Container21 1/4155211505-AG11-FGBuy Now
Flood Tray36 1/224 3/41 1/2352401-AG11-FGqBuy Now
Flood Tray30202302002-AG11-FGBuy Now
Flood Tray47 5/823 7/82 1/4472302-AG11-FGBuy Now
Stacking Ventilation Tray w/ Drop Sides30 3/815 7/82 7/8301502-AG11-FGBuy Now
Stacking Ventilation Tray w/ Drop Sides30 3/815 7/84 1/8301504-AG11-FGBuy Now
Stacking Ventilation Tray w/ Drop Sides30 3/815 7/82 7/8301502-AG11-FGBuy Now

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