ESD Conveyor & Assembly Trays

  • Specifically designed for component assembly and for compatibility with conveyors or cart transport systems
  • Various configurations include dropped sides or ends, and stacking designs

ESD Conveyor & Assembly Trays
Product NameL “W “H “PART # 
Tray with drop sides24 1/221 ⅛1242101-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray with drop sides25 1/222 ½1252201-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray with drop sides24 1/222 ½1242201-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray with drop sides27 7/822 3/81272201-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray with drop sides23 3/820 1/41232001-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray with drop sides24 ½21 1/21242101-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray with drop sides27211272101-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray with drop sides26 1/4221262201-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray with drop sides2821 1/21282101-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray with drop sides26 1/4231262301-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray with drop sides24 1/2231242301-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray with drop sides34 ¼21 3/81342101-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray with drop sides27201272001-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray with drop sides22 1/2201222001-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Pallet2222¾2222PA-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Pallet28222 ¾2822PA-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Pallet30242 1/83024PA-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray16 3/8121161201-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray13 ¾10 ⅝1131001-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray20 3/815 1/81201501-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray21 ⅞161211601-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray18141181401-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray12 3/410 ½121000-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray20 7/812 3/45/8201200-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray25 3/417 7/81 ⅛251701-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray25 ¾8 ¾1 1/8250801-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray17 3/411 ¾1171101-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray17 ¾91170901-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray2412 ⅝3/4241200-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray2712 ½3/4271200-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray1661160601-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray20 7/814 ½1/2201400-TY11-EFGBuy Now

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