ESD Shallow Trays

Available in a wide range of dimensions to accommodate varying sizes ofcomponents and available work spaces.

  • Model 191901-TY11-EFGT features a textured bottom for improved contact with conveyors
  • Model 191901-TY11-EFGS features a smooth bottom for use with light-sensitive sensors

ESD Shallow Trays
Product NameL “W “H “PART # 
Tray with drop ends29 7/823 ⅞1 1/2292301-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray with drop ends29 7/823 ⅞2292302-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray26261 1/4262601-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray24 ¼24 1/41 7/8242402-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray36 ½24 ¾1 ½362401-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray30301 1/4303001-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray35 7/823 ½1 1/2352301-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray25 1/419 ¼1 1/8251901-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray25 3/413 5/81 1/4251301-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray30202302002-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray47 ⅝23 ⅞2 1/4472302-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray36 1/217 ½1 5/8361701-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray24 ¼20 1/41 ½242001-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray28281 ½282801-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray7 ½7 1/21/2070700-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray39 ½19 1/22391902-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray30261 1/4302601-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray30 1/224 1/21 7/8302401-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray39192391902-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray40281 1/2402801-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray32181 1/4321801-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray20 ⅝16 5/81 ½201601-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray31252 ¾312502-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray24 1/420 1/41 1/8242001-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray31261 ⅝312601-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Tray22 1/214 1/22221402-TY11-EFGBuy Now
Textured-Bottom Tray19 1/219 ½1 ¼191901-TY11-EFGTBuy Now
Smooth-Bottom Tray19 1/219 1/21 ¼191901-TY11-EFGSBuy Now
Tray22 7/815 1/21 ¼221501-TY11-EFGBuy Now

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