ESD Stacking Boxes

  • Designed for parts containment and stacking
  • Inherent strength and stability enables boxes to be stacked
up to several feet high with complete dimensional stability
  • Offered in a range of lengths, widths and depths

ESD Stacking Boxes
Product NameL “W “H “PART # 
Stacking Box24 ½21 ¼2 5/8242102-SO11-EFGBuy Now
Stacking Box27212 ⅝272102-SO11-EFGBuy Now
Stacking Box18 3/411 ⅞1 3/4181102-SO11-EFGBuy Now
Stacking Box25 3/417 ¾1 ⅛251701-SO11-EFGBuy Now
Stacking Box22121 1/4221201-SO11-EFGBuy Now
Stacking Box23 3/8123 ⅛231203-SO11-EFGBuy Now
Lid for above23 3/8122312LD-SO11-EFGBuy Now
Stacking Box23 3/8126231206-SO11-EFGBuy Now
Stacking Box23 3/8124 ⅜231204-SO11-EFGBuy Now
Stacking Box20 3/411 ¼3 1/4201103-SO11-EFGBuy Now
Stacking Box20 3/411 ¼5201105-SO11-EFGBuy Now
Stacking Box25 3/415 3/47 1/4251507-SO11-EFGBuy Now
Stacking Box33 1/815 5/88331508-SO11-EFGBuy Now
Stacking Box20 ¾11 ¼2 3/8201102-SO11-EFGBuy Now
Stacking Box2316 ¾1 ⅛231601-SO11-EFGBuy Now
Stacking Box22 ¾22 ¾10222210-SO11-EFGBuy Now
Stacking Box22 ¾22 3/41222201-SO11-EFGBuy Now
Stacking Box32 ¼24 1/21 ¼322401-SO11-EFGBuy Now
Stacking Box27 ⅛122 7/8271202-SO11-EFGBuy Now
Stacking Box27 1/8126 ⅞271206-SO11-EFGBuy Now
Stacking Box26201 1/2262001-SO11-EFGBuy Now
Stacking Box25 3/417 ¾3251703-SO11-EFGBuy Now
Stacking Box25 ¾17 3/44 ½251704-SO11-EFGBuy Now
Stacking Box25 3/417 ¾6251706-SO11-EFGBuy Now
Lid for above25 3/417 ¾2518LD-SO11-EFGBuy Now
Stacking Box28203282003-SO11-EFGBuy Now

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