Nestable only

Flexcon’s nestable totes and trays are great for storing product and taking up as little space as possible when empty. Since space is often sought after and expensive to have we provide a wide variety of standard and custom sized containers to meet your needs. Optimizing your shelving, conveyors and operations will save you time and money. With many features, styles and accessories like labels and dollies you can be sure Flexcon can get you what you need at a great price. Custom requests and dealer inquiries welcome.

Nestable only

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep produce fresh while in transit?

There are always a few challenges faced when establishing how to best transport produce in a supply chain. It needs to be fresh, undamaged, at the right temperature, and take up as little space as possible. The innovative design of Flexcon’s produce bins keeps your product fresh while optimizing your supply chain, with an endless selection of products to fit your needs.

How can a container help optimize my supply chain?

Agricultural containers can handle a wide range of food handling and processing applications that can elevate your supply chain to the next level:

  • Transportation costs are lowered using nestable and collapsible containers.
  • Environmental sustainability is boosted with the use of plastic totes and bins.
  • Products are damaged less because of the container’s design.
  • Efficient totes support high-performance “pick and pack.”
  • Quickly and safely integrate containers with automated systems.

Does choosing the wrong container impact my employee’s safety?

Cheap materials often cause injuries. Containers are one of the most significant sources of workplace injury claims in the US. Cuts and scrapes from sharp or broken plastic or lifting injuries caused by overfilling of product. Creating a container with the perfect design for your process will do exactly what it’s supposed to — Keep your employees and your products safe.

Flexcon’s Nestable Only Containers, Totes, and Trays

If you are looking for a solution to your material handling issues, look no further. Not only will our nestable only containers provide you with the answer to your sorting and picking needs, they also provide you a solution to utilizing your storage space to its full capacity. Even if you use an automated storage and retrieval (ASRS) system, we have just what you are looking for! Our low-cost bins are nestable when empty, minimizing your valuable storage space.
With the widest variety of nestable only totes and over 100 years of combined experience, you can be sure our specialists will assist you in getting what you need for your next project or installation. Custom sizes and styles are also available to work with your shelving, conveyors and operation, saving you both time and money.
Many great features, styles and accessories are available to meet your needs. Styles of these ergonomically, cost-effective totes include solid, vented drain holes, ESD, fire retardant textured bottom, hopper front, bail bar, thermoformed, fiberglass and corrugated plastic.
Choose accessories including dollies, lids, placards, labels, Qr codes, RFID, bail bars, easy grip handles (for corrugated plastic totes) bottom pads or plates and dunnage. Many of the nest only totes and containers are available in assorted colors and many are designed to fit specific applications. All are nestable and all will utilize storage and transport space efficiently.

Some of the available sizes and styles:

  • 27x17x12″ Nest Only Tote
  • 21x15x10″ Nest Only Tote
  • 24x20x12″ Nest Only Tote
  • 21.5x17x7″ Airport Security Style Container
  • 20x15x5″ Airport Style Nesting Bin
  • 24x16x10.75 Heavy Duty Poultry Bin
  • 24x16x11″ Poultry-Meat-Seafood Container
  • 24x16x8 Poultry Bin
  • 24x16x8′ Poultry-Meat-Seafood Container
  • 24x16x10.725″ Poultry Bin
  • 24x16x11 Heavy Duty Poultry-Meat-Seafood Container
  • 17.25x11x12″ Cross Stack Tote
  • 17.25x11x8″ Cross Stack Tote
  • 18 x13 x11″ Nestable Corrugated Plastic Tote
  • 18x18x11″ Corrugated Plastic Tote
  • 21x19x14″ Nestable Corrugated Plastic Tote
  • 23.75×17.25×12″ Cross Stack Tote
  • 23.75×17.25×8″ Cross Stack Tote
  • 24c16c11 NestPac with Drain Holes
  • 15x11x/8″ Nestable Corrugated Plastic Tote
  • 24x16x8.75″ Poultry Bin
  • 147x11x9″ Nestable Corrugated Plastic Harvest Tote

Nest Only Containers Can Save Time and Money.

Warehouse, production, and transportation space are at a premium. By utilizing nest only containers, totes, and trays, you effectively reduce your footprint, making your containers easily accessible, light weight, and cost-effective.
Flexcon’s nest only containers are durable, lasting 30-50 times longer than your typical corrugated products, saving you in replacement cost.
Flexcon offers color choices that can not only make your facility look good, but can also reduce the risk of your containers being used in other applications.

What Is Material Handling?

Our nest only containers are designed to accommodate your products. Whether it is produce from the field or fish harvested from the sea, you can be assured that the container will be designed for maximum ergonomic use, reducing back strain and employee injury.
Because our nestable only containers can be stored in the area where they are most often used, you will have less downtime. They withstand water and chemical use and are easily cleaned.

What industries use nestable only containers?

Nestable containers are used in a variety of industries, from airports to farms. They are great on manufacturing lines where product must be sorted or picked. Agricultural uses from the field to the packaging area, offer a smooth, easy transition for products. Meat processing plants, as well as fisheries, can find not only the perfect size for their applications but also love using containers that are nestable, easy to clean and durable.

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