Plastic Pallets

Flexcon's reusable plastic pallets can be used to transport and store your products within your facility and/or to transport them between different facilities. The introduction and use of reusable plastic pallets into your material handling system greatly reduces the amount of waste your company produces. This saves you money AND helps the environment! We carry a wide range of plastic pallets including solid top plastic pallets, nesting pallets and heavy duty industrial plastic pallets. Sizes also include Euro Pallets for standard operations. Contact us to speak with an expert and find the perfect solution. Custom requests and dealer inquiries welcome.

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Plastic Pallets

Ancient civilizations used skids which are pallets without deck boards, to transport raw materials. For example, ancient Egyptian art shows loaded skids being pulled by people; however, it wasn’t until the 1920s that the machine-compatible pallet was conceived. The need for pallet-like transport was obvious during World War II, but it wasn’t until after the war that the pallet and forklift system became an integral part of logistics.

What is a Pallet?

Pallets form a structural foundation for storing and shipping goods using a forklift, pallet jack, or other machinery. Goods are stacked on the pallet for easier movement when moving items within a facility or loading and unloading cargo. Originally, pallets were made of wood, but today’s pallets are made of various materials, including plastic.

Why Use Plastic Pallets?

Pallets have become such a big part of material transport that companies often overlook them when looking to reduce costs. They consider them a cost of doing business; yet, the average life cycle of wood pallets is three years. Plastic pallets can last three times longer.

Some of our plastic pallets are made of 100% recyclable materials and support a static load capacity of 12,000 pounds. The stackable pallets come with or without a lip and have a dynamic load capacity of 2,700 pounds. They are lightweight, maintenance-free, and sterile, making them an ideal alternative to wood.

Who Uses Plastic Pallets?

Any organization that needs to ship or store materials can use plastic pallets. They are perfect for closed-loop operations such as factory floors and warehousing suppliers. Whether your company sells automotive parts or stores agricultural produce, plastic pallets help reduce damage as items are moved through a system.

Applications for our FDA-approved pallets include sterile or clean-room environments. Optional fire-retardant pallets are available to help companies protect against heat damage. Organizations can store or transport materials that were once kept in drums or boxes, making for a more efficient process. Uniform storage makes it easier for companies to move products within a facility.

When less time is spent moving products from point A to point B, more time is available for selling those products. In today’s market, competitive advantage comes from efficient and cost-effective execution at all levels of an organization.


Our high-density polyethylene and polypropylene plastic pallets come in a range of sizes, from heavy-duty rackable to lighter-weight nesting pallets. These include USDA and FDA-approved sizes. They enable the easy facilitation of mechanical handling of goods by machinery such as 2-way and 4-way forklifts, front loaders, and jacks. They are perfect for closed-loop operations like factories, warehouses, retailers, automotive, and agricultural operations. They are safe for trucking and transporting produce and grocery and for palletizing drums, boxes, raw materials, finished goods, and even import/export logistics.

Plastics make them recyclable and they have no splinters or nails. They are ergonomically safe, sanitary, and even washable and sterilizable.

Peripheral bottom stringers provide extra strength and enable four-way forklift entry. Plastic pallets come in an array of styles such as:

  • Stackable
  • Nestable
  • Injection Molded
  • Thermoformed and Blow-Molded

They support specialized applications that require sterile or fire-retardant capabilities. Our plastic pallets have smooth, open, or closed decks. They are resistant to chemical degradation and weather extremes. They are lightweight for easy transport and lower shipping costs.


Our plastic pallets include a number of options, such as:

  • RFID
  • Labels
  • QR Codes
  • Top Caps
  • Pallet Sleeves
  • Placards
  • Dollies
  • Casters
  • Drain Holes
  • Dividers
  • Dunnage

Reusable plastic pallets are a great way for your company to reduce waste, increase efficiency, and keep your facility cleaner. With these options and our array of sizes, there’s a pallet to fit your needs.

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