Plastic RSC HSC Containers

  • Reusable & recyclable sustainable packaging
  • Takes the place of cardboard boxes!!
  • Perfect for any closed loop system and for shipments of medication and medical instruments
  • Perfect for use within a plant or DC, between multiple locations or to/from supplier to customer
  • Reusable hundreds of times and can pay for itself in under 10 trips!
  • Drives down distribution packaging costs by as much as 75%!
  • The Green alternative
  • Auto lock bottom available (no tape needed)
  • Options include: Adding RFID tag, Velcro lock, low profile Velcro lock
  • Plastic boxes are unaffected by moisture & help keep its contents safer
  • Can be engineered to work with existing or new systems
  • Available in 50 standard and almost any custom size
  • Other optional bottom and closure styles available

Plastic RSC HSC Containers

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep produce fresh while in transit?

There are always a few challenges faced when establishing how to best transport produce in a supply chain. It needs to be fresh, undamaged, at the right temperature, and take up as little space as possible. The innovative design of Flexcon’s produce bins keeps your product fresh while optimizing your supply chain, with an endless selection of products to fit your needs.

How can a container help optimize my supply chain?

Agricultural containers can handle a wide range of food handling and processing applications that can elevate your supply chain to the next level:

  • Transportation costs are lowered using nestable and collapsible containers.
  • Environmental sustainability is boosted with the use of plastic totes and bins.
  • Products are damaged less because of the container’s design.
  • Efficient totes support high-performance “pick and pack.”
  • Quickly and safely integrate containers with automated systems.

Does choosing the wrong container impact my employee’s safety?

Cheap materials often cause injuries. Containers are one of the most significant sources of workplace injury claims in the US. Cuts and scrapes from sharp or broken plastic or lifting injuries caused by overfilling of product. Creating a container with the perfect design for your process will do exactly what it’s supposed to — Keep your employees and your products safe.

Custom Flexcon Plastic RSC/HSC Containers

Plastic RSC/HSC containers are a handy packaging solution for various applications. They are lightweight but sturdy, making them suitable for meeting diverse packaging needs from material handling to distribution in manufacturing, retail, agriculture, transportation, medical, and a host of other industries.

Flexcon’s regular slotted containers (RSC) and half slotted containers (HSC) feature various sizes and designs the user can customize to specific needs. Thanks to their durable design, a business can reuse them multiple times, drastically lowering distribution packaging costs. Generally, plastic RSC/HSC containers are an excellent alternative to cardboard boxes and the perfect solution for companies interested in promoting environmental sustainability.

We offer custom solutions but also feature standard sizes, including:

  • 12x12x12
  • 12x12x16
  • 14x14x14
  • 18x16x16
  • 19.5×13.5×13.5
  • 20x14x10
  • 22x14x16, and more.

We have nearly 50 standard sizes available. Contact us for the complete list or make a special order if your products require custom sizes outside what is available.

Common Uses of Plastic RSC/HSC Containers

Besides being sturdy and durable, plastic RSC/HSC locks out moisture, making them a safer packaging solution for any product. Thanks to their auto lock bottom feature, they also provide convenient handling of materials and supplies, whether within the premises or when packing for distribution. As a result, they are a perfect distribution packaging across various industries such as;

  • Medical
  • E-commerce
  • Warehouse and distribution
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Electronics
  • Logistics and transportation
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Apparel
  • Aerospace

Generally, Flexcon plastic RSC/HSC containers are perfect for use in any industry that requires packing items or supplies for transport or distribution, thanks to the variety of available sizes plus customizable options.

Product Customization

Product customization is the ability to create various designs of the same product according to a customer’s unique preferences. It allows customers to choose their preferred features in terms of design, color, and other specifications.

Embracing product customization in packaging is a win-win situation for manufacturers, distributors, and other players in the supply chain. One of the immediate benefits of product customization is that it increases consumer satisfaction.

According to research, one-third of consumers interested in customization consider standard products inferior and do not mind paying more for customized products. The studies also show that the customers are willing to wait longer to receive a customized product.

We understand the power of customization in building brand authority. Customizing plastic RSC/HSC containers to your brand preferences is a smart strategy that can help improve your brand image and boost the bottom line.

A summary of customization benefits

  • Offering flexibility to customers allows you to match customer demand.
  • Customers do not mind paying more for customized products.
  • Product customization increases customer engagement, enhances brand perception, and ultimately boosts brand loyalty.
  • Customization allows you to gain insight into customer preferences,
  • As product customization is rapidly evolving, it can quickly expand your market share.

Whether you want us to customize your packaging based on our standard sizes or design from scratch, giving them a personalized touch is an effective strategy for boosting your business value.

Flexcon’s Plastic RSC/HSC Containers Features

Our plastic RSC/HSC containers have multiple benefits compared to cardboard boxes. From durability to versatility and customizability, the containers are a convenient and cost-effective packaging solution.


Our plastic RSC/HSC can be reused multiple times without getting damaged. Generally, plastic packaging translates to high carbon savings due to less environmental impact. Plastics are mainly made from recyclable material. Coupled with higher reusability, they consume far fewer raw materials than cardboard boxes. Again, once they exhaust their useful life, they go through recycling, making them ideal for any closed loop system and eager to contribute to resource sustainability.

Enhanced Protection

RSC/HSC material helps lock out moisture, protecting the supplies/products from the elements. Also, plastic packaging is much safer to handle than most alternatives. It is sturdy enough to withstand rough handling and keep the contents safe during loading, transit, and off-loading, thereby minimizing the likelihood of damage, e.g., in the case of accidental drops. Stacking plastic containers is also far much safer, enhancing the ease of transportation.


Flexcon’s plastic RSC/HSC containers can be reused up to or even over 100 times. This makes them highly cost-effective because they can pay for themselves in less than 10 trips. Overall, you can cut your distribution packing costs by as much as 75%. Plastic packaging is also cheaper compared to other standard packaging solutions.


Plastic packaging is generally lightweight compared to cardboard, glass, and metal alternatives. This allows easy handling in-house and while transporting and distributing supplies/items between multiple locations. Another plus of being lightweight is that they require fewer raw materials to manufacture, effectively lowering the costs.


Besides the standard sizes, we can customize the packaging to suit your unique needs in terms of size and design. For example, if you want the packaging to bear your brand identity, we can personalize them by including brand-specific graphics and colors.


Our plastic RSC/HSC containers are specially designed for convenient use. We have various locking mechanisms that allow easy handling and packaging of products/supplies. Some options include an auto-lock bottom, Velcro lock, and low-profile Velcro lock.


Plastic RSC/HSC containers are far more durable than other packaging solutions such as cardboard boxes. Due to their sturdy material, they are highly resistant to wear and tear, making them tough for repeated use. Flexcon’s plastic RSC/HSC containers can be used over 100 times before recycling, making them a reliable solution for in-house material handling and distribution packaging.

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