Postal Totes & Trays

Corrugated plastic postal bins and trays are lightweight & durable and come in a variety of sizes and colors. These durable bins and containers are perfect for inter- or intra-office use, warehouse, storage and manufacturing. Custom sizes are available — contact us for more details. Dealer inquiries welcome.

Postal Totes & Trays

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Postal Trays & Totes

Postal totes and trays are formed from corrugated plastic, also known as fluted plastic, and offer several benefits with a wide range of designs, styles, and features to create the perfect container. Each application is different from another, which is why these standard bins are a must for anyone looking for a material handling solution.

Not only are they durable and lightweight solutions, but they are also tailored to meet your needs at an affordable price. To top it off, postal totes and trays are versatile and are not limited to mail sorting and distribution.

There are a wide range of postal totes and tray solutions, including full overlap containers, roll end trays, regular/half slotted containers, shelf bins, nesting totes, straight wall stackable totes, bot totes, standard postal totes, ESD reel totes, hopper front, dunnage, fire retardant, warehouse bins, and partitions.

Among the benefits you’ll get from using postal totes and trays is their impressive ability to resist punctures, tears, mold, water/oil, and shedding. No wonder most postal totes can last a post office about 8-10 years on average. These reusable and recyclable bins will allow you to stack, store, pull, push, ship, palletize, and convey your products while safeguarding and organizing products in and out of the facility and will not emit dust like cardboard does.

Available Sizes

Capacities of postal totes and trays range between 20-150 lbs and are available in 5 standard and any custom color that you desire.


Postal totes accessories include easy-grip handles, lids, dollies, placards, barcodes, QR/RFID, dunnage, printing, bail bars, bottom pads, stacking corners, and plates. With these accessories, you can rest easy knowing that our bins will meet your needs.

Key Features of Postal Totes and Trays

Here is an outline of some of the key features of postal totes and trays:

  • They are made from tough, lightweight plastic for easy handling, and a long, dependable life.
  • The plastic corrugated containers resist water, chemicals, and impact, thereby providing maximum protection for your products and materials.
  • Cut-out handles that are easy to use and are also ergonomic for your workforce.
  • They are made to a similar standard as USPS postal containers.
  • Smooth interior and exterior surfaces make them easy to clean.

Common Uses of Postal Totes and Trays

Postal totes and trays are the answer to a wide range of material handling needs, in addition to mailroom use. Whereas they can improve the efficiency and organization of mail centers, they can also help streamline the organization of materials and products, from assembly operations to warehousing to shipping and handling and transport. That said, these material handling solutions are not limited to use in mailrooms only; they are also widely used across other industries, including manufacturing and aerospace.

Postal totes and trays are available in a wide range of colors – red, green, blue, white, black, yellow, and semi-clear. This allows you to develop a color-coded system of organizing material handling and distribution. These postal bins can be used for collecting, organizing, sorting, warehousing, and transporting products and materials.

Customization of Products

Postal totes and trays come in different designs, sizes, colors, and ISO-compliant and fire safety formats. That said, it is possible to customize your totes to meet your specific design needs. Your postal totes and trays can be customized with QR codes, RFID, labels, and placards to streamline your picking, shipping, and other operations.

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