Produce Containers

Flexcon's produce, meat and poultry containers can be used to transport and store your products within your facility and/or to transport them between different facilities. These produce, meat and poultry containers are used in many types of food handling and processing applications. Speak with our experts to find the perfect container for your need. Custom requests and dealer inquiries welcome.

Produce Containers

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Produce Containers

With the soaring costs of warehouse and processing space and expensive transportation, you need produce containers that are versatile, durable, and space-saving. Face it, by using products that are reusable and durable, you are not only doing your part to save the planet, but you are also adding money to your bottom line. Flexcon offers a line of produce containers that can fit the bill. When processing and shipping fragile produce, these sturdy containers are stackable and can move from the beginning to the end of your process. You will never have to fear crushing the produce or boxes falling over, like you might with corrugated boxes or flimsy crates. And Flexcon offers a wide variety of sizes, options, and features, so you can have the perfect container for your specific needs.

Available Sizes:

Flexcon offers a wide variety of sizes, colors, and accessories for our stackable, nestable produce containers. Can’t find the exact container for you? Flexcon can work with you to customize the containers to perfectly fit your needs. Some of our current sizes are:

  • 12 x12 x10
  • 12x18x10
  • 12x18x12
  • 18x12x10
  • 18x14x12
  • 20x14x12
  • 24x12x10
  • 24x18x10
  • 24x18x16
  • 36x12x12
  • 40x12x12
  • 48x12x12


There are several accessories that are available for your produce containers. Some of these are:

  • Lids
  • Dollies
  • Labels
  • Placards
  • Dunnage
  • RFID

Features That Set Flexcon’s Produce Containers Apart From Others

  • Flexcon’s Produce Containers are made from tough, yet lightweight plastic, making them easy to handle and durable for extended use.
  • Cut out handles allow for easy lifting and reduction of injuries.
  • Our plastic, corrugated containers are water, chemical, and impact resistant, reducing damage and offering maximum protection for your products.
  • Smooth surfaces make our containers easy to clean for multiple uses.
  • Produce containers are available in a wide range of colors, allowing you to develop color coding to identify and organize material handling and distribution needs.
  • In addition to handling produce, they may function for other uses, such as handling meat and poultry.
  • Produce containers come in different designs, sizes, and are fire safe and ISO-compliant.

Types of Flexcon Produce Containers

Each type of produce container is designed to optimize use in the produce industry. From harvesting to production lines, packaging to shipping, Flexcon has the container that can best fill your needs.

Nest Only Containers

Nest only containers offer durability, efficiency, safe handling, and cost savings. They provide stability and are sturdy enough to reduce damage to your product. Nestable when empty to conserve warehouse or production space. Stackable when used with a lid.

Stack-Nest Produce Container

Stack-nest containers cover applications from harvest to production and packaging. Available in multiple sizes and designs, they offer a lightweight, yet durable, method for all phases of your operation-harvesting, storage, cooling, and transporting.

Grape Crate

Our grape crates come in several sizes, offer drainage holes for moisture control and can be stacked or nested to conserve warehouse space. Reusable and easy to sanitize, they offer an efficient design for easy handling.

Returnable, Collapsible Perishables Containers

Flexcon offers a returnable, collapsible perishables container that is perfect for use with produce. This durable container has a quick release feature which allows it to be knocked down within two seconds, perfect for your high volume operation. It can handle high loads and stacks and offers optimal ventilation. Easy to clean, available in several sizes.

Flexcon offers a large variety of produce containers, in various sizes and designs. Use for storage, handling, and transporting. We offer products that contain drain holes for moisture control, are available in FDA approved materials, and are washer friendly for sanitary re-use. Save your warehouse space and reduce your costs with our nestable, reusable products.

Let Our Experts Find the Perfect Produce Container for You

Flexcon is a leading manufacturer of produce containers globally. With our combined experience of over 150 years, we can provide the best solutions for our valued customers. Our produce containers are available in many sizes, shapes and colors. But if all our options aren’t exactly right for you, call our experts today. We welcome custom requests and dealer inquiries. We are here to answer your questions, design the produce tote for your business and work with you on a quote. Contact us today to get started.

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