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Stack and Nest containers are designed with dependability in mind for manufacturing, processing, distribution and other storage applications. Our heavy-duty reusable containers stack with or without the optional lids and are available in over 26 sizes and 5 colors. Rotate the container 180 to stack or nest. These totes also work with conveyor, pick and ASRS systems. Options include RFID, barcodes, and placards for easy identification. Speak with our material handling experts t find the prefect container. Custom requests and dealer inquiries welcome.

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Stackable & Nestable Bins

Flexcon is a leading manufacturer and exporter of industrial-grade stackable and nestable bins. Flexcon’s stack and nest bins, aka stack-n-nest and cross stack totes, are designed to protect products during picking, assembly, processing, storage, and distribution. They are available in various styles, shapes, and sizes to add flexibility and exceptional space savings for efficient storage and distribution.

Our stack and nest bins are highly customized to meet specific industry applications and needs. They are perfect for creating storage capacity when you need it and nesting densely when you want space back. They can be used in various applications, including electronics, apparel, bakery, aerospace, appliances, automotive, agriculture, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Features and Benefits of Flexcon’s Stack and Nest Bins

The following are a few reasons to choose Flexcon’s stack and nest bins:

Space-saving: Flexcon’s bins stack when full with or without the optional covers. You can easily rotate the container 180 degrees to stack and save space. When empty, the containers nest inside each other for superior space-saving benefits. The stack and nest design reduce your shipping costs substantially while ensuring you are distributing more products at reduced costs. Flexcon’s stack and nest bins are undeniably the best alternative to bulkier and space-consuming corrugated boxes and cases.

Guaranteed durability: Stack and nest bins from Flexcon are constructed from durable polypropylene polymers and fiberglass, which are both FDA grade approved. The high durability standards make the bins ideal for rigorous and demanding operations such as storage, transportation, processing, manufacturing, picking, and many transportation applications. They are also designed to perform consistently in a range of automated systems.

Highly customized and flexible: The stackable and nestable bins from Flexcon are made with your applications in mind. The containers are available in various sizes, styles, and shapes that meet your specific needs. They can hold produce, small to medium parts, boxes, bottles, and other inventory, whether it’s flowing through conveyors or getting stacked on pallets for transportation.

Various options:Our stack and nest styles include half nest full stack, full nest full-stack, clear, and ESD. They are perfect for scaling your operations when a need arises to meet the market demands. Accessories include Dollies, Lids, ESD, colors, dunnage, bottom pads, antislip, and labels/RFID.

Eco-friendly: We understand your retailers and customers are concerned about the sustainability of your business operations. One of our top priorities is to supply our customers with sustainable and eco-friendly bins. Our products are made from recycled materials, including biodegradable liners. These containers will not corrode, rust, or break down from chemicals and are highly durable. Our stack and nest bins can also be reused countless times, thus preventing waste, protecting the environment, and reducing your operational costs.

Textured bottom and ESD design: The textured bottom design feature ensures no slippage, thus improving the container’s performance on conveyors. Our bins are also designed to dissipate electrostatic charges and prevent damage to sensitive electronic devices and components.

Where are stackable and nestable bins used?

The stack and nest containers are used for many different applications. Each bin features a handle on the sides for ease of transportation. The larger bins can be used to store various items from food items, paperwork, farm produce, apparel, electronics, and more. The containers don’t typically come with lids, but the lids are available as accessories just in case you need them to protect your items in each bin. Some of the typical applications where the containers are used include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Storage and warehousing
  • Agriculture
  • Transportation and more

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Our stack and nest containers are designed with dependability in mind. They are made explicitly to serve various applications in hundreds of industries, including manufacturing, processing, distribution, storage, and transportation. Flexcon’s heavy-duty reusable bins stack with or without the optional bins and are available in more than 26 sizes and five colors. The containers are compatible with conveyor, pick, and ASR systems. Available options for your conveyor system include RFID, barcodes, and placards. Contact our material handling experts today to find the perfect container for your specific application. We also accept custom requests and dealer inquiries.

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