Straight Wall Stackable Containers

Stackable hand-held straight wall containers from Flexcon offer the storage space you need while saving you space. These sturdy stacking containers allow product to remain in the container without getting crushed when containers are stacked for load unitization, storage and palletizing. Flexcon offers the widest variety of sizes, options and features, so you can be sure we have the perfect container for your needs. Sizes also include Euro Containers or KLT boxes. Speak to our material handling experts to find the perfect solution. Custom requests for new designs and dealer inquiries welcome.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep produce fresh while in transit?

There are always a few challenges faced when establishing how to best transport produce in a supply chain. It needs to be fresh, undamaged, at the right temperature, and take up as little space as possible. The innovative design of Flexcon’s produce bins keeps your product fresh while optimizing your supply chain, with an endless selection of products to fit your needs.

How can a container help optimize my supply chain?

Agricultural containers can handle a wide range of food handling and processing applications that can elevate your supply chain to the next level:

  • Transportation costs are lowered using nestable and collapsible containers.
  • Environmental sustainability is boosted with the use of plastic totes and bins.
  • Products are damaged less because of the container’s design.
  • Efficient totes support high-performance “pick and pack.”
  • Quickly and safely integrate containers with automated systems.

Does choosing the wrong container impact my employee’s safety?

Cheap materials often cause injuries. Containers are one of the most significant sources of workplace injury claims in the US. Cuts and scrapes from sharp or broken plastic or lifting injuries caused by overfilling of product. Creating a container with the perfect design for your process will do exactly what it’s supposed to — Keep your employees and your products safe.

Straight Wall Stackable Containers

Straight wall stackable containers from Flexcon with reinforced sidewalls, ergonomic handles, and durable designs offer efficient storage at a low price. Sturdy, stacking hand-held containers allow product to remain in the tote while being stacked without being crushed or damaged for better load unitization, storage and palletizing.

Business owners looking for a custom material handling solution will find their flexible design makes the most out of their space. The space-saving design of these containers makes them perfect for every industry. Flexcon offers world-class containers that come with high-performance durability and strength.

What’s more, the handling systems work well in operations with open or closed loops. Transportation from one facility to another is easier and smoother. Containers can safely store the materials for in-process work.

Flexcon offers containers with high-grade materials. Optional lids are also available. Flexcon has got everything covered for you!

Industries And Settings That Benefit from Straight-wall Stackable Containers

  1. Warehouse and material handling applications
  2. Storage rooms
  3. Tool cribs
  4. Schools and Academic institutions
  5. Medical manufacturing and healthcare facilities
  6. Retail industry
  7. Automotive industries
  8. Aerospace industries
  9. Electronics manufacturing and logistics

Flexcon specializes in optimizing solutions for every industry.

Straight-Wall Stackable Containers Work Hard for You

Aside from space efficiency, these containers have multiple other benefits too. Here are the other features of straight-wall stackable containers.

  • Safely carry materials from one facility to another.
  • The containers have built-in handles.
  • The ergonomic design makes the container suitable for every work environment.
  • Specially designed to avoid the impact of moisture and chemicals.
  • The product protection is enhanced by reinforced bottom and sides.
  • Usable in temperatures -20˚ to 120˚F.
  • Made with 100% recyclable materials. So containers are environmentally sustainable.
  • Customizable.
  • Durable.

Flexcon has made everything super easy for clients. Containers can effectively handle tasks related to manufacturing, material handling, warehousing, and shipping.

Custom solutions available! Get in touch today!

Flexcon is the fastest-growing company in the storage products industry.

Buyers can freely talk to the team for the best help. The team will offer custom solutions to businesses. Choose from multiple sizes, colors, and styles available in our container solutions.

Each container is designed to meet the unique needs of each of our customers.

Give Flexcon a call and request a quote. Our dedicated team has over 100 years of combined experience.

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