QDC2115-12 QDC2115-12

22x15x12.8″ Attached Lid Container

Attached Lid Containers #221513-AL06

Attached Lid Containers that stack when full and nest when empty will increase efficiency in your supply chain. These reusable containers are durable, reliable and perfect for manufacturing, distribution, storage, transportation, picking, and retail. By closing the lids you can protect product and also secure it with the security holes. When these containers are stacked, they take up considerably less space than non-nesting totes. Heavy duty and custom options available upon request.


5 standard colors and many more custom colors
Textured bottom for convey-ability and grip
Ergonomic handles
Padlock security holes ¼”, 3/8”
Reinforced hinges
Impact resistant
Easy to clean
Resists moisture and most chemicals
Protects product from dust and damage
HDPE and PP materials
Most are FDA and USDA sanctioned
Resists temps around -20 up to 120 (oF)
100% recyclable
Easy pallet loading and stable stacking

Product Diagram


label holders or placards
drain or vent holes
hot stamping
Metal free options
Pallets and caps available
Dollies available


  • OD LENGTH 21.9
  • OD WIDTH 15.2
  • OD HEIGHT 12.8
  • ID TOP LENGTH 19.7
  • ID LENGTH 18
  • ID HEIGHT 11
  • WEIGHT 5.4
  • 53' TRAILER LOAD 3,840
  • ID WIDTH 12.2