24 x 13.3 x 7.1 Collapsible Egg Containers 24 x 13.3 x 7.1 Collapsible Egg Containers

24 x 13.3 x 7.1 Collapsible Egg Containers

Collapsible Containers #241307-COLP23-BK

Easy-to-use, assembles in two steps.
Collapses flat to increase volume efficiency and return ratios and reduce costs.
Superior stacking strength and durability.
Reduces packaging costs and waste.
48 x 40 GMA pallet compatibility.
Cross-stacks to increase load stability.
Point-of-purchase display flexibility.
Solid (contamination protection) or ventilated (increased airflow and sight management) side andend panels.
Reinforced bottom adds strength without adding extra weight.
Ergonomic pocket handles allow safe lifting with less strain on wrist, arm and back muscles.
Vertically modular stack heights allow mixed loads to be shipped on the same 45 x 48 pallet for increased space efficiency and flexibility.
Integrated AIAG and kan-ban cardholders provide easy access to identification cards.
Knock down ratios as high as 4.7:1 result in lower return freight and warehousing costs.
Attached and detached lid versions available.
Both the 3.6″ and 7.2″ storage bottoms provide ample room to store a variety of reusable protective dunnage for return.
Sixteen different heights and storage-bottom combinations are available to fit your specific applications.
Convenient storage allows the custom protective dunnage to stay with the container even when collapsed, to reduce the risk of damage or loss.
Cost-effective way to extend the life of custom protective dunnage.
Consistent inside dimensions at the top and bottom of the containers allow even multiple layer dunnage to be easily installed and removed.


FDA approved food grade polypropylene provides the strength and durability needed for multiple applications
Assembles and collapses in 3 seconds
2,000 lb loading capacity
Integrated hinge door


Optional barcode and RFID tag locations
Lid; Label Holders
Molded-in cardholders


  • OD LENGTH 24
  • OD WIDTH 13.3
  • OD HEIGHT 7.1
  • ID LENGTH 23.2
  • ID HEIGHT 6.4
  • WEIGHT 3.37
  • ID WIDTH 12.2
  • MINIMUM 50