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43×43 Nestable Pallet


Flexcon’s Plastic Pallets can be used to transport and store your products within your facility and/or to transport them between different facilities. They provide:

Security for your products
Stackability for load unitization
Long life & reusability for substantial cost-savings
100% space efficiency

Every 15 wood pallets that you eliminate from your system saves a tree!
The introduction and use of plastic containers and pallets into your material handling system greatly reduces the amount of waste your company produces. This saves you money AND helps the environment! We carry a wide range of plastic pallets including solid top plastic pallets, and heavy duty industrial plastic pallets.


Better choice for ‘Sustainable Product Initiative’
Eco Friendly
200-250 trips vs. 7–10 trips for wood.
100% Recyclable – no need to remove nails
Decreases disposals and landfill costs.
Nestable designs for more efficient storage.
Available with safety lips and non-skid decks.
Weighs less than wood pallets, no splintering = Fewer injuries.
Uniformity for automated systems – improves ‘up time’, less jamming.
No documentation for export applications.
Meets sanitary requirements for food applications.
Reduces risk of contamination in pharmaceutical applications.
Excellent cost justification for ‘closed loop’ applications.


  • OD HEIGHT 5.5
  • ITEM WEIGHT (LBS) 23-39.5
  • DYNAMIC LOAD 3300-5300
  • MINIMUM 25
  • TRUCKLOAD QUAN 720-1260
  • STATIC LOAD 8800-17600
  • OPTIONS/ADD-ONS Closed Deck, Open Deck; No Runners, 6 Snap on Runners