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Conductive Corrugated Reel Storage Containers

Conductive Corrugated Containers

These reel storage totes are designed to hold 7″ or 13″ reels. They are made from conductive corrugated material and have conductive plastic card guides attached that capture the reels for secure storage and handling. The totes come assembled with a cover and handles.

Durable Conductive Corrugated Construction
Wire Frame Reinforced
Conductive Guides Lock Reels in Place
Factory Edge Reel Bins are built using bent-over wall construction for durability. We offer a 7″ and 13″ deep tote for ESD safe storage of reels. Each tote has 14-1″ cells. Partitions can easily be removed to accommodate wider reels.

Organizes Reel Storage
Static Safe
Efficient Inventory Use

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  • OD LENGTH 19-3/4
  • OD WIDTH 7
  • OD HEIGHT 7"
  • BIN TYPE Reel Storage Containers