FG-esd-nesting-boxes FG-esd-nesting-boxes

ESD Nesting Boxes with Lids

Conductive & ESD Containers

  • Lids protect parts during storage and enable boxes to be stacked
  • Available in a variety of lengths, widths and depths
  • Smooth, radiused edges facilitate handling
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Product NameL “W “H “PART # 
Nesting Box21 ¼155211505-NO11-EFGBuy Now
Lid21152115LD-NO11-EFGBuy Now
Nesting Box22 ¼166221606-NO11-EFGBuy Now
Nesting Box20 ¾15 ⅜15 ⅜201505-NO11-EFGBuy Now
Nesting Box16 1/21210161210-NO11-EFGBuy Now
Nesting Box22 5/817 ¼14231714-NO11-EFGBuy Now
Nesting Box22 ⅜1710231710-NO11-EFGBuy Now
Lid for above2317 ⅝3/42317LD-NO11-EFGBuy Now
Nesting Box20 ½1710 ⅜201710-NO11-EFGBuy Now
Nesting Box20 1/21712201712-NO11-EFGBuy Now
Lid20 1/217¾2017LD-NO11-EFGBuy Now
Nesting Box11 ¾8 ¾4 ⅛110804-NO11-EFGBuy Now
Lid11 3/48 ¾¾1108LD-NO11-EFGBuy Now
Nesting Box6 ⅛4 ⅞2 1/8060402-NO11-EFGBuy Now
Lid6 ⅛4 7/8¾0604LD-NO11-EFGBuy Now
Nesting Box9 ¾6 1/82 1/8090602-NO11-EFGBuy Now
Lid9 3/46 ⅛¾0906LD-NO11-EFGBuy Now
Nesting Box9 ¾9 1/44 1/2090904-NO11-EFGBuy Now
Lid9 ¾9 1/4¾0909LD-NO11-EFGBuy Now
Nesting Box9 3/49 1/49 1/4090902-NO11-EFGBuy Now
Nesting Box9 3/46 1/84 ½090604-NO11-EFGBuy Now
Nesting Box2216 ½4 1/4221604-NO11-EFGBuy Now
Nesting Box12 ⅜9 3/42 1/8120902-NO11-EFGBuy Now
Lid12 ⅜9 3/43/41209LD-NO11-EFGBuy Now
Nesting Box28 7/820 3/810282010-NO11-EFGBuy Now