Fast Draining 400x600x350mm Heavy Duty Automation ToteFast Draining 400x600x350mm Heavy Duty Automation Tote

Fast Draining 400x600x350mm Heavy Duty Automation Tote

ASRS Totes & Bins #241614-SWFX-PLS

Perfect for AGV, ASRS, AMR, mini-load systems, and conveyors where fire systems are implemented. Uses include industrial, automotive, commercial, electronic, manufacturing, distribution & healthcare. Dividable to create almost any size cell configuration. 600x400x350mm (23.6×15.75×13.8″) size fits many automated systems. This tote has 32% venting on the bottom 1/2″ for fast drainage in an emergency so racking and equipment do not get brought down. This feature also reduces sprinklers and overall costs. Custom features, accessories and materials available. Heavy duty and economic designs for cost effective and durable containers. With a large container like this you can be sure your products will fit and remain safe and organized throughout your operations. Our material handling experts can help you find the perfect solution. Custom requests and dealer inquiries welcome.

As seen in Modern Material Handling


  • OD LENGTH 23.6
  • OD WIDTH 15.75
  • OD HEIGHT 13.78
  • ID LENGTH 22
  • ID HEIGHT 13
  • ITEM WEIGHT (LBS) 7.45
  • ID WIDTH 14
  • MINIMUM 250
  • BIN FEATURES Fast Draining, Handles, Barcode areas
  • BOTTOM TYPE Textured & Ramped