moistureguard moistureguard

Moisture Guard

Insulated Shippers

Provides the same temperature stability as our standard product and features a multi-layered exterior pouch to minimize surface condensation and help protect payload from moisture damage.

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ModelWeight(L" x W" x H") 
MG 88 oz.6 x 4¾ x ¾Buy Now
MG 1212 oz.6 x 5½ x ¾Buy Now
MG 1616 oz.6½ x 5½ x ¾Buy Now
MG 2424 oz.8 x 5½ x 1¼Buy Now
MG 3232 oz.10½ x 5½ x 1¼Buy Now
MG 4848 oz.10½ x 7½ x 1¼Buy Now