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Molded Fiberglass Containers and Trays


Fiberglass containers offer substantial strength and weight-carrying capabilities and provide exceptional stacking capabilities under heavy loads. They are also ideal for machine integration and robotic applications, electronic assembly, pharmaceutical drying, food processing, bakery display, conveyor, ASRS systems, and irradiation applications. Many food-grade and ESD-protected options are available.
Fiberglass containers can be used continuously in temperatures ranging from -60 to 250 F (-51 to 121 C), and are impervious to radiation, cutting oils, mild acids and alkaline solutions ranging from 3.0 to 10.0 PH. Easily cleaned in hot water or steam with standard detergents. The standard formulation meets the requirements of UL 94 HB flammability rating.
All Plexton containers, hoppers and trays can be manufactured in materials for flame retardance, food grade or ESD protection.

fiberglass-reinforced Assembly Trays are ideal for many industrial, confection, electronic, distribution, storage and work-in-progress applications. LEWISBins+ Assembly Trays can also be used as Plexton container lids. Assembly Trays/Lids are also stocked in ESD-safe material.

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  • Stack and Nest – Stacks when full, rotate 180 degrees and nests when empty.
  • Color Options – Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Red, White & Yellow
  • Stacking Only – Ideal for forgings, machined parts, stampings, ceramics, rubber & other hot pats emerging from molds per processing machines.
  • Color Options – Blue, Gray, Green, White
  • Nesting Only- Saves valuable space and facilitates the movement of containers to work areas.
  • Color Options- White, Gray and Green (Other colors may be available -depend on size)
  • Wash Boxes – Washing, draining and drying may be accomplished without parts transfer. Holes are ¼ diameter, slots are 2 ½ x 5 /16” (other hole sizes are available)
    Color – Gray
  • Conveyor and Assembly Trays- Low Profile and radius edges facilitate use with conveyor and racks.
    Color Options – Gray, Green, White
  • Ventilation Trays – Optimize air flow and reduce drying/cooling times. Can be stacked without bending or sagging.
    Color Options – Gray, Green White
  • Hopper Styles – Serves as ideal storage for containers for small parts, components and prepackaged goods.
    Color Options – Gray, White


Optional lids available (for some sizes)
Dollies to simplify transport
Food Grade options in select sizes and styles