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Plastic RSC Containers

Custom Plastic Bins & Trays

  • Reusable & recyclable sustainable packaging
  • Takes the place of cardboard boxes!!
  • Perfect for any closed loop system and for shipments of medication and medical instruments
  • Perfect for use within a plant or DC, between multiple locations or to/from supplier to customer
  • Reusable hundreds of times and can pay for itself in under 10 trips!
  • Drives down distribution packaging costs by as much as 75%!
  • The Green alternative
  • Auto lock bottom available (no tape needed)
  • Options include: Adding RFID tag, Velcro lock, low profile Velcro lock
  • Plastic boxes are unaffected by moisture & help keep its contents safer
  • Can be engineered to work with existing or new systems
  • Available in 50 standard and almost any custom size
  • Other optional bottom and closure styles available
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